Will of Thomas Jones of Derryanvil, 1808

Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast). Abstract of the will of Thomas Jones of Derryanvil, Drumall [Drumcree] parish, county Armagh, dated 2 May 1808. PRONI ref. T700, pg. 258. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

This abstract provides a genealogical outline rather than the bequests that were made by Thomas Jones. (Hurray!) However, the gems contained therein require some chasing down in the archives to determine where the relatives went.

Issue of Thomas Jones, sen.:

  1. a daughter, married to David Waugh
  2. his eldest son, William Jones
  3. a daughter (unnamed), married to John Jackson
  4. his second son, Thomas Jones, jun.;
    his children:
    1. a daughter, Mary Dawson [née Jones]
    2. his eldest son, Hugh Jones
    3. a daughter, Jane Taylor [née Jones];
      her children:
      1. a son, John
      2. a son, William
      3. a daughter (unnamed), wife of William Wright

Please note that the genealogical outline, above, was corrected, 11th May 2019.

There are additional entries in the PRONI’s e-Catalogue online, for the will of Thomas Jones of Derryanvill, county Armagh, for the years 1802 and proved 1804, which need to be studied.


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