Capt. James Stevenson of Stewartstown (22 January 1747)

Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast. Copy Will of James Stevenson; administration granted, 22 January 1747. PRONI ref. T1009/16. Transcription © Alison Kilpatrick, 2016. Please cite your sources.

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Backing sheet:

Dated 23rd March 1744.

Copy Will
James Stevenson.

30 fol __ 1 – 2 – 6
[C]lk __ 2 – 6
R __ 1 – 5 – 0
R __ 1 – 3 – 1

7 lb 1 " 2
?oL J?? 18

((Stamp, in red ink:))
Public Record Office (N.I.)
No. 1009

((Written, in red pencil:)) No. 16.

Body of document:

Page 1 –

1. Extracted from the Registry of Her

2. Majestys Court of Prerogative in Ireland

3. In the Name of God, Amen. I James

4. Stevenson of Stewarts town Merchant being of

5. advanced age but of sound and disposing

6. mind and memory do make this my last

7. Will and testament in manner and form following

8. Imprimis, whereas by the marriage settlement

9. of my only son William Stevenson and Ann his

10. present wife there is a power reserved to me

11. to settle on my beloved wife Margaret Stevenson

12. one Moiety of the lands in the County of Tyrone

13. of which I am possessed during the Widowhood

14. or natural life of the said Margaret Now

15. in pursuance of the said Power I do hereby Give

16. and Bequeath to the said Margaret the said

17. Moiety during her natural life.  Secondly

18. and whereas it is by the said settlement also

19. agreed that one half of my household goods

20. and furniture of which I shall be possessed of

21. at the time of my decease shall be to the use of my

22. said son William. Now I do hereby leave

23.                                             and

Page 2 –

1. and Bequeath the other Moiety of my household

2. goods and furniture that I shall be so possessed

3. of at the time of my Decease to my beloved wife

4. Margaret Stevenson.  Thirdly I leave and

5. Bequeath to my beloved wife that tenement in

6. Stewartstown commonly known by the Name

7. of James Smith’s tenement to be by her

8. possessed during her life and after her decease

9. I do leave and bequeath the said tenement

10. to my grandson James Stevenson to be by

11. him possessed and enjoyed for the full

12. remainder of years in the lease of the said

13. teniment and all succeeding renewals of

14. the same.  Item. I leave to my beloved wife

15. all the plate which I shall be possessed of

16. at the time of my Decease.  Item. I leave

17. to my Grandson James Stevenson and

18. his heirs for ever all that part or parcel of

19. lands with their appurtenances in the town

20. Lands of Drumgorr in the parish of Sego

21.                                          and

Page 3 –

1. and County of Ardmagh joining to Williamsons

2. Bridge on the south side of the road with

3. that part thereof also which lies on the North

4. side of the road the whole purchased by me

5. from William Williams notwithstanding

6. my Will is that Whereas my son William is

7. considerably indebted to several persons and

8. my fear and concern is that after my Decease

9. his creditors will endeavour to deprive him

10. of the benefit of any maintenance and

11. subsistence out of those lands which were

12. settled upon him at his marriage.  Now I

13. order and my Will is that my Grandson

14. James Stevenson shall pay out of the rents

15. of the last mentioned lands devised to him

16. the sum of fourteen pounds sterling for [ ]nn[ ]

17. towards the maintenance of my unfortunate

18. son William the same to be paid to him

19. during his life and my Will is that the

20. said sum of fourteen pounds per annum

21.                                          shall

Page 4 –

1. shall not be applied to the satisfaction of my ((any?))

2. Debts to which my son William owes and in

3. Case the Creditors of my son William or any

4. of them should Die attempt or enter into measures

5. towards taking away or defeating the benefit

6. I hereby intend by this devise of fourteen

7. pounds per annum to my son William Then

8. I order and my Will is that the said sum

9. of fourteen pounds per Annum shall sink and

10. merge in the inheritance devised to my grand

11. son James Stevenson. Nevertheless my Will

12. is that the said James Stevenson shall pay

13. to my Executors the sum of forty pounds to be

14. applied to the discharge of the legacies hereinafter

15. mentioned. Item I leave and bequeath to

16. my grandson William Stevenson and to his

17. heirs for ever All the Lands and tenements

18. which I purchased from John Towlerton lying

19. and being in the town of Lurgan together

20. with those Lands and tenements near the town

21.                                              of

Page 5 –

1. of Lurgan now in the possession of Phelemy

2. McCartney and Patrick Nelson ((Wilson?)) as also the

3. meadow now possessed by said persons / provided

4. if he should Marry without his fathers consent

5. or Die before he comes of age that then and

6. in that case the said last mentioned lands

7. tenements and meadow shall go to my grand

8. son James Stevenson and his heirs for ever / He

9. the said William Stevenson paying to each of

10. his four sisters the sum of fifty pounds the

11. like sum to be paid by said James Stevenson

12. in case they come into his hands   Item I

13. Leave and bequeath to my grandson

14. Robert Stevenson and his heirs for ever

15. all those Lands and tenements which I

16. purchased from George Williams as also that

17. parcel or parcels of land which I purchased

18. from Widow Dobson / both lying in the County

19. of Ardmagh and near the town of Lurgan /

20. but in case should die before he comes of age

21.                                            or

Page 6 –

1. or marry without the consent of his father

2. that then and in that case the above

3. mentioned lands and tenements devised to

4. Robert shall go to my grandson James Stevenson

5. and his heirs for ever. Nevertheless my Will

6. is that the said Lands and tenements

7. shall be liable to the sum of two hundred pounds

8. to be paid unto Mr John Kennedy and my

9. beloved wife in equal portions Hde ((Ide?)) provided

10. that the said John Kennedy shall accept of

11. the hundred pounds now left to him in full of

12. all Debts due to him by my son William

13. Stevenson.  Item I Leave and Bequeath

14. to my beloved wife all my horses cows and

15. other Cattle together with plows cars and

16. other instruments of husbandry to be by her

17. disposed by publick cant and the money

18. arising therefrom to be applied to the Discharge

19. of my funeral expenses servants wages and

20. other Debts and legacies as far as they will

21.                                         thereunto

Page 7 –

1. thereunto extend provided nevertheless that

2. my wife shall at her discretion reserve two

3. cows and one horse to her own use whichever

4. she shall think proper  And Whereas I

5. have a considerable sum of money laid out in

6. trade and there are many Debts Due to me

7. of very large amount in London by William &

8. James Trotter which are not precisely Known to

9. me at this present moment by reason of the

10. uncertainty of the Credit of the said Trotters

11. and the difficulty of recovering the same I

12. have hereby thought proper to leave and

13. Bequeath all sums which are owing to me

14. by the said Trotters in manner following

15. Imprimus I leave to my grand daughter

16. Elinor Stevenson one hundred pounds to

17. my grand daughter Margaret Stevenson

18. one hundred pounds to my grand daughter

19. Letitia Stevenson one hundred pounds and

20. to my grand daughter Anne Stevenson

21.                                       one

Page 8 –

1. one hundred pounds  And if it shall so

2. happen that the money due to me by the said

3. Trotters shall be recovered so that each of my

4. grand daughters aforesaid shall receive the

5. said one hundred pounds in full then and in

6. that case my Will is that the above legacies

7. which were charged on my lands in the county

8. of Ardmagh in favour of my said grand

9. Daughters shall not be paid to them but shall

10. remain to my grandson William free of

11. that charge and if only part of that money

12. due to me by said Trotters shall be recovered

13. I do hereby appoint that so much as shall

14. be left to my said Grand daughters in such

15. proportions as the same will extend unto

16. and the Lands above mentioned be disburthened

17. accordingly   Always Provided that my grand

18. daughter Margaret shall have in

19. consideration of her greater incapacity by

20. reason of her Blindness and other infirmities /

21.                                           of

Page 9 –

1. of providing for herself than the rest of

2. her Sisters the full interest of one hundred pounds

3. and also fifty pounds Chargeable upon my Lands

4. in the County of Ardmagh and in case

5. my legacy of one hundred pounds out of my

6. Effects in trade cannot be made good to

7. her my Will is that she shall have yearly

8. during her life three pounds ten shillings

9. paid to her by my grandson William and

10. the like sum from my grandson Robert

11. and two pounds from my grandson James

12. out of their respective legacies of Lands in the

13. County of Ardmagh. But if it shall so

14. happen that so much of my Effects in London

15. shall be recovered as that my grandson

16. William’s legacy shall be thereby Disburthened

17. of the legacies charged on those concerns left

18. to him and to be paid to his sisters then and

19. in that case my Will is that the Lands bequeathed

20. to William shall be equally liable to the

21.                                        remaining

Page 10 –

1. remaining two hundred pounds as those

2. left to Robert share and share alike.  Item

3. I leave to my Son in Law Mr Hugh Sharp of

4. Ballinacory the sum of forty pounds / which

5. sum of forty pounds / It is hereby intended shall

6. be ^the^ forty pounds with which my grand son

7. James’s legacy is above Burthened / in full of

8. Debts and demands due to him by my

9. grandson William Stevenson.  Item I Leave

10. to the Children of my Son in Law John

11. Kennedy the sum of twenty pounds  to

12. the Children of my Son in Law Hugh

13. Sharp the sum of fifteen pounds and

14. the like sum of fifteen pounds to the

15. Children of my son in Law James Templeton

16. and to my grand Children Mary and

17. Robert Speer five pounds each all which

18. sums I order to be paid out of effects in

19. England.  Item. I leave to the poor of

20. Donoghenary who are housekeepers and

21.                                   Widows

Page 11 –

1. Widows five pounds and one pound to the

2. common poor. And my Will is that if it

3. should so happen that my effects in England

4. shall not be sufficient to pay all these last

5. mentioned legacies then I order that each

6. Legatee shall abate in proportion except the

7. legacy to the poor. And I do hereby

8. constitute and appoint my beloved wife

9. Margaret Stevenson and my son in law

10. John Kennedy of Edenderry and William

11. Hudman of Cloon to be executors of this my

12. last Will and testatment hereby revoking all

13. former Wills by me made and I do to this

14. my last Will and testament put my hand

15. and seal this twenty third day of March

16. in the year of our Lord one thousand

17. ^seven^ eight hundred and forty four. James

18. Stevenson // seal // Signed sealed ^&^ published

19. by the said James Stevenson to be his

20. last Will and testament bearing date the

21.                                            day

Page 12 –

1. Day and year above written  Witness present

2. And Carson  Robert Little  Richard

3. English.

4. Whereas I James Stevenson have duly

5. made and published my last last [sic] Will and

6. testament bearing Date the twenty third

7. day of March one thousand seven hundred &

8. fourty four and by me duly executed in the

9. presence of Andrew Carson  Robert Little

10. and Richard English by which said Will I

11. devised to Margaret my then wife since

12. deceased one half of my household furniture

13. and all my plate with all my cows and

14. horses and other cattle with plows cars

15. and other instruments of husbandry  Now

16. my Will is that said household furniture

17. plate cows and horses and other cattle

18. with plows cars and other instruments

19. of husbandry and all above mentioned shall be

20. sold and the money arising therefrom be

21.                                       applied

Page 13 –

1. applied to the payment of my Debts  And

2. Whereas I likewise devised to Margaret

3. my then wife one hundred pounds by said

4. Will I do now order and my Will is that

5. said hundred pounds be likewise applied

6. to the payment of my Debts  And Whereas

7. I have Bequeathed by my said Will to my

8. son in Law the Rev[eren]d John Kennedy one

9. hundred pounds in consideration of a

10. Debt due to him by my son William

11. Stevenson for which sum I have since the

12. perfection of said Will given to him by

13. Bond and Warrant of Attorney I do

14. now order and my Will is that said

15. hundred pounds so bequeathed to him

16. be applied to the payment of my Debts and

17. the legacies bequeathed to my grand daughters

18. Elinor Margaret Letitia and Anne Stevenson

19. in equal proportions And Whereas I have

20. appointed John Kennedy  William Hirdman

21.                                                                                       and

Page 14 –

1. And Whereas Margaret my then wife the

2. Executors of my said Will I now appoint

3. Captain Dallway Stewart of Stewart hall

4. an executor of my said Will in the place of

5. my said Wife deceased   I order and direct

6. that this Codicil shall be deemed and

7. taken as part of my said Will. In

8. Witness Whereof I have hereunto put

9. my hand and seal and published this

10. as a codicil to my said Will this thirteenth

11. day of November one thousand seven hundred

12. and forty six. James Stevenson // seal.

13. Signed and sealed and Published by the

14. said James Stevenson in the presence

15. of us who severally subscribe our Names

16. hereto as Witnesses in his presence —

17. W[illia]m Lendruk  Andrew Calderwood  Mich[ae]l Robinson

18. Administration of the goods

19. with the Last Will and testament and

20. Codicil annexed of James Stevenson late

21.                                            of

Page 15 –

1. of Stewartstown in the County of

2. Tyrone Merchant deceased having and

3. so forth / was granted by the Most Rev[eren]d Matheu

4. Groyo and soforth also judge and soforth

5. to James Stevenson of Stewartstown afores[ai]d

6. the natural and lawful grandson and

7. one of the Legatees named in the said Will

8. of the said Deceased he being first sworn

9. saving and soforth / the Rev[eren]d John Kennedy

10. Clerk  John Herdman Gent and Dalway

11. Stewart Esq. the executors of the said Will &

12. testament Codicil having by an instrument

13. in writing renounced the execution thereof / 

14. Dated the 22d day of January in the

15. year of Our Lord 1747 and he has to exhibit

16. an inventory on or before the last day of July

17. next ensuing ____

30 fol
4 ½
compd 2[ ] June 45

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