1762-07-30: Lord Charlemont to Huggins

Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast. Lord Charlemont to Huggins. Archival ref. PRONI D2433/A/45/1 & /2, dated 30 July 1762 (accessed and transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, November 2003). Please cite your sources.


No. 1 – 30 July 1762 – Lord Charlemont to Lettice and John Huggins – Lease of the lands of Glenorbe County Tyrone for three lives. 79A 3R 10P Eng. measure.

No. 2 – 30 July 1762 – Lord Charlemont to Lettice and John Huggins – Lease of part of Glenorbe for three lives –
  Rent £40 - 0 - 0
  Recvrs Fees £2 - 0 - 0
  Duty work £0 - 4 - 0
  [Total] £42 - 4 - 0
79A 3R 10P Eng. measure.

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A fuller extract follows, read from PRONI ref. D2433/A/1/695/5 (source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast; accessed 2003-11):

Lease (Indenture) [dated] 30th July 1762 between the Right Honorable Lord Viscount Charlemont and Lettice Huggins and John Huggins:
- part of the lands of Glenorbe 79 acres 3 roods 10 perches in the manor of Charlemont and County of Tyrone
- from first of May last
- during the natural lives of sd John Huggins, Thomas Huggins his Brother aged Fourteen years ... and Richard Dobbins aged five years ... son of the Revd James Dobbins of Culkeran in sd County of Tyrone and [survivors, &c.]
- £40 yearly
- Memorandum before signing and sealing the within Lease
It is Hereby Declared by the Within Named Lettice Huggins and John Huggins that the within Lease is taken in Trust by them for the use and to the profit and Behalf of James Huggins, Kennedy Huggins, Thomas Huggins, William Huggins, Elizabeth Huggins, Galbraith Huggins, Anne Huggins, and Joseph Huggins Sons and Daughters of John Huggins Late of Glenorbe Decd and the [P?] Lettice and their respective Heirs and assigns to be held by them in Common in Equal parts and proportions during the Continuance of the within Lease in Witness whereof we have hereunto sett our hands and Seals the Day and Year within written
   Lettice Huggins [mark, seal]
   John Huggins [seal]
Wittness [sic] present: Ja. Dobbins, James [Fulton?]

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Transcriber's note: These lands were previously owned by Sir James Matthew Stronge, of Tynan (county Armagh), in the Manor of Castlecaulfeild.

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