Wife's thirds

  Wife's thirds: The interest taken by a wife in her deceased husband's personalty by virtue of the Statute of Distributions may fall within the meaning of the term "thirds," a word seldom used accurately, sometimes employed as a synonym of dower, which was called Triens or Tertia by the Feudists, and said to have been originally intended to denote the right of the widow to the third turn or third of profits incapable of division, has become in common parlance descriptive of the widow's distributive share of her husband's personal estate, or her interest in any property of his, whether real or personal, in case of his death intestate in her lifetime.

Source: Valzey, John Savill. A Treatise on the Law of Settlements of Property Made Upon Marriage and Other Occasions. Vol. II. London: Sweet & Sons; Melbourne and Sydney: C.F. Maxwell; Toronto: Carswell & Co.; 1887.

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