Terms - Hilary, Easter, Trinity, Michaelmas

Terms, those spaces of time, wherein the Courts of Justice are open, for all that complain of wrongs or injuries, and seek their rights by course of law or action, in order to their redress; and during which the Courts...sit and give judgments, &c. But the High Court of Parliament, the Chancery, and inferior Courts, do not observe the Terms; only the Courts of King's Bench, the Common Pleas, and Exchequer, the highest courts at Common Law. Of these Terms there are four in every year, viz. Hilary Term, which begins the 23d of January, and ends the 12th of February, (unless on Sundays, and then the day after;) Easter Term, that begins the Wednesday fortnight after Easter Day, and ends the Monday next after Ascension Day; Trinity Term, which begins the Friday after Trinity Sunday, and ends the Wednesday fortnight after; and Michaelmas Term, that begins the 6th of November, and ends the 28th of November, (unless on Sundays, and then the day after.)

Source: Tomlins, Thomas Edlyne. The Law-Dictionary: explaining the Rise, Progress, and Present State, of the English Law, &c. Vol. II. London: J. and W.T. Clarke, &c., 1835 (pg. ccxiv).

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