Appendance, Appendant

  Appendance, a variant of the word: "Appendant, appendens. Is a thing of inheritance, belonging to another inheritance that is more worthy. As an advowson, common court, &c. may be appendant to a manor, common of fishing appendant to a freehold: land appendant to an office: a seat in a church to a house, &c. but land is not appendant to land, both being corporeal, and one thing corporeal may not be appednant to another that is corporeal; but an incorporeal thing may be appendant to it. …"

Source: Tomlins, Thomas Edlyne. The Law Dictionary: Explaining the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the British Law. In 2 Vols. Vol. I. London: Payne and Foss, &c., 1820.

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