1855-11-19: 1855-29-262: Huggins to Huggins

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 1855-29-262: Samuel Carson Huggins and John Huggins, both of Richmount, co. Tyrone, to William Huggins of London (dated 19 November 1855). Copy on microfilm at the PRONI, Belfast, ref. MIC/311/801 (accessed 2003-11). Extract by Alison Kilpatrick.
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The following is an extract, or outline, of the contents of the deed:

Memorial of an Indenture of Mortgage.
Deed no. 1855-29-262.
Huggins to Huggins.
Deed dated 19 November 1855.
- Between Samuel Carson Huggins and John Huggins both of Richmount [Birchmount?] County Tyrone Gents. [of the one part,] and William Huggins of the City of London, Esq. [of the other part.]
- [for the consideration of:] £1928, Samuel Carson Huggins and John Huggins did grant bargain &c. the lands and houses in the Town of Strabane, and the lands re: Drumrallagh.

Transcriber's note: This document was very blurred on microfilm, and should be re-examined at the Registry Office in Dublin.

Full transcription pending.

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