1834-08-02: 1836-20-65: Holmes to Holmes

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 1836-20-65: Holmes to Holmes (dated 2nd August 1834, registered 14th November 1836). Copy per FHL film no. 469798. Indexed by Alison Kilpatrick, and index entries submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2019-06-09. Please cite your sources.

Index entries:


  • A, B, C, etc. = person code
  • P1, P2, etc. = parties to the deed
  • LP1, LP2 = parties to current deed
  • L = one of the lives stated in the terms of the lease
  • aLP1, aLP2 = parties to earlier deed
  • O = occupant of land or tenement
  • O adj = occupant of adjoining or adjacent land or tenement
  • WD = witness to the deed
  • WM = witness to the memorial
  • W Reg = witness who swore the memorial to the Register or a Magistrate
  • [A] = signed the memorial

Type of deed: Memorandum of agreement
Date of current deed: [undated]
Date of earliest deed: 1768-09-06
Date registered: 1771-06-15
Volume-Page-Memorial nos.: 288-78-186689

Abstract: For the sum of £80, A conveyed to B one-half of the tenement, houses, garden, and fiields in Tullydoey, to hold for and during every renewal.

A. William Holmes of Tullydoey [Tullydowey], parish of Clonfeacle, county Tyrone, Farmer, LP1

B. Mary Holmes of Moyarr, county Tyrone, widow, LP2

C. John Richardson of Moyarr, count Tyrone, WD, WM, W Reg

D. James Hanna, jun., of Blackwatertown, co. Armagh, WD

E. Jacob Barrett of Armagh, co. Armagh, Attorney at Law, WM

F. William Blair of Armagh, co. Armagh, Commissioner for taking affidavits, W Reg

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