1824-07-12: 869-202-578202: Huggans to Eccles

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 869-202-578202: Huggans to Eccles (dated 12 July 1824; registered 16 March 1831). Microfilm copy held by the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (FHL film no. 468989); photocopy obtained in SLC, 18 May 2016. Transcribed and indexed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2019-06-18).
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huggans to eccles

[Title:] [1]
No. 578202  To the Register appointed by act of Parliament for the public Registry of deeds assignments conveyances and Soforth

[Notes in margin:]
Huggans to Eccles & an’r [another] [2]
reg’d 16’th March 1831

[Body of memorial:]
   A Memorial of an Indented deed of Conveyance bearing date the twelfth day of July in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty four Made Between John Alex’r Huggans of Skenerget
[3] in the Coy [County] of Tyrone Gent of the one part and Thomas Eccles and William Eccles both of Anagher [4] in the County of Tyrone farmers of the other part [5]

… Whereby after Reciting as in said deed is recited the said John Alex’r Huggins [sic] for the Consons [Considerations] therein ment’d [mentioned] did Grant Bargain Sell release and Confirm unto the said Thomas Eccles and William Eccles in their actual posson [possession] then being by virtue of a Bargain and Sale to them thereof made by the said John Alex’r Huggins for a year therein recited and to their heirs and assigns All That and Those the Corn mill and Kill [Kiln] and parcel of Land formerly annexed to Said Mill and all that part and parcel of Land then occupied by Bryan Quin and James Donnelly Computed to be seven acres Irish plantation measure and three roods of Turf bog english measure together with all these parcels of Land then formerly held and occupied by Neal ONeal  John McGuire and Catherine Devlin the Whole Cont’g [Containing] thirty eight acres two roods and Seventeen perches Irish measure exclusive of said [sic] be the same more or less as the same were then meared and bounded and in as full and ample a manner as the same was Granted and demised by a Lease in said deed recited and as then formerly in the posson of William Huggins the Lessee in said Lease and then Lately of the Said John Alex’r Huggins and his under tenants All Situate lying and being in the town Land of Annagher [sic] Barony of Dungannon and Coy of Tyrone tog’r [together] with all buildings edifices and erections thereon Mill dams Mill ponds Water and Water Courses theretofore annexed to said Corn mill or held and enjoyed therewith as member or parcel thereof

… To hold all and Singular the thereby Granted and released Lands and premises with the appurts [appurtenances] and all his the said John Alexander Huggans estate title term and Int [Interest] therein right and equity of redemption thereto unto them the said Tho’s and William Eccles their heirs and assigns as tenants in Common and not as Joint tenants from the first day of Nov’r then Last past for and during the natural lives of the Several Cestui quivies named in the Lease in s’d deed recited and the Survivor of them and for the life and lives of all and every Such other person and persons as should or might for ever thereafter be added thereto pursuant to the Covenant for the perpetual renewal in Said Lease Cont’d [Contained] at and Subject however to the yearly rent fines for renewal Covenants and agreements in Said Lease in Said deed recited reserved and expressed, Which Said deed Contains Several Covenants and agreements usual and one for further assurance

… and is Witnessed by Arthur Fullan and Patrick Fullan both of Dungannon in the Coy of Tyrone writing Clk and this Memorial is witnessed by the said Patrick Fullan and by Tho’s Fullan of Anagher in the Said Coy of Tyrone farmer

     William Eccles (Seal)

… Signed Sealed and executed in the presence of

     Patrick Fullan
     Tho’s Fullan

… The before named Patrick Fullan maketh oath that he is a Subscribing Witness to the deed of Which the above writing is a Mem’l [Memorial] and also to the said Memorial and that he saw the Said deed Signed and executed by the above named John Alex’r Huggins  Thomas Eccles and William Eccles the executing partys thereto and also Saw the foregoing memorial duly Signed and executed by the said William Eccles and that the name Patrick Fullan So Subscribed as a Witness to Said deed and Memorial resply [respectively] is this dep’ts [deponent’s] proper name and hand writing

     Patrick Fullan

… Sworn before me at Dungannon in the County of Tyrone the fifteenth day of March 1831 one a Com’r [Commissioner] of his Majestys Court of Kings Bench in Ireland for taking aff’dts [affidavits] in this Coy & I know the Dep’t

     Arthur Fullan

a true Copy

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Skenarget, parish of Desertcreat, Barony of Dungannon Upper.


Anagher, parish of Clonoe, Barony of Dungannon Middle.


This transcript includes paragraph breaks whereas the original text appears as one paragraph without any indentation.

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