1773-09-22: 305-184-201444: Ledlie to Ledlie

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland (Henrietta Street, Dublin). Memorial no. 305-184-201444: Ledlie to Ledlie (dated 22 September 177[3]; registered 1 August 1774). Microfilm copy held by the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Archival ref. FHL film no. 531678 (copy obtained in SLC, 7 May 2016); digital image online at www.familysearch.org. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2019-01-06. Please cite your sources.

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[Title:] [1]
No. 201444  To the Reg'r [Register] [2] app'd [appointed] for Regist'g Deeds & Soforth

[Notes in margin:]
Ledlie to Ledlie
Reg'd 1't Aug'st 1774 at 3 in the afternoon

[Body of memorial:]
  A Mem'l [Memorial] of an Indented Deed Dated twenty Second of Septem'r one thous'd seven hundred and [blank] [3] and made betwen Mary Ledlie of Coagh in the County of Tyrone Widow of William Ledlie late of Carron [Carnan] in the said County of Tyrone Gent'l Deced [Deceased] of the one part and George Ledlie of Coagh afores'd Gent son of the Said Mary Ledlie and W'm Ledlie of the Other part [4]

… reciting that Whereas the s'd W'm Ledlie was in his lifetime and at the time of his Death Seized and possed [possessed] of all that part or proportion of the said Town and Lands of Carron Excepting such part thereof as he had Conveyed to his Son Joshua Ledlie demised unto him by the honble [honourable] & Rev'd Cha's Caulfield & Alice Caulfield his wife  the Rev'd Thomas Staples & Grace Staples his wife by Lease dated the twelfth day of July one thousand seven hundred & forty four for & during the lives & years and at & under the yearly rent fees & duties therein ment'd [mentioned]

… & also seized & possed of four acres of land near the Town of Coagh afores'd, of the Lands of Urble adjoining and Contigious [sic] to Coagh River with a Sufficiency of Water out of the Millrace of Coagh for the purpose of bleaching and a sufficiency of Turff Bog on the Moss of Drumioness granted by George Cuningham Esq'r Deced by Lease dated the seventh of January one thousand Seven hundred and forty Eight for and during the lives and years and at and under the yearly rent and ffees therein Ment'd on which said last Premes [Premises] the said W'm Ledlie made a Bleach Green and Erected Houses and works for Carrying on the Bleaching business

… and also reciting that the said W'm Ledlie by his last Will and Testament devised the said Sev'l [Several] Leasehold Interests to the said Mary Ledlie

… by which said Deed of which this writing is a Mem'l the said Mary Ledlie in Consid'n [Consideration] of five Shill's [Shillings] to her paid by the said George Ledlie and also in Consid'n of Annuity of thirty pounds ayear to be paid to the said Mary Ledlie during the Term of her Natural life by the said George his heirs and ass's [assigns] out of said Lands and Premes in the Manner in said Deed Ment'd did grant bargain Sell and assign unto the said George Ledlie ^all^ [5] and Singular the said recited Lands and Premes of Carnon [sic] and Urble water & Turf Bog with all the houses Back houses Bleach houses, Works & Improvements made thereon resply [respectively] with their Appurces [Appurtenances] in his actual possession then being by virtue of the Bargain and Sale to him thereof made in the said Deed particularly set forth

… To hold all & Singular the said premes with the Appurces with the respective Leases thereof and all rent or arrears of rent then due or growing due thereon and payable thereout from thenceforth during the Term or Continuance of the s'd Leases thereof Subject to the chief rents payable thereout to the Landlords thereof and the s'd Annuity which it was agreed by the s'd Parties should be payable half yearly and in which s'd Deed of which this writing is a Mem'l there is a Cov't [Covenant] Impowering the said Mary Ledlie to distrain said before Ment'd Premes in Case of non paym't of said Annuity

… which s'd Deed of assignm't is witnessed by Isabella Ledlie Dau'r of the said Mary Ledlie  W'm Miller of Coagh in the County of Tyrone Weaver & Neal M'c Anulty of Colerain in the County of Londonderry Gent and this Mem'l is witnessed by the said Isabella Ledlie and the said William Miller

     Mary Ledlie (Seal)

… Signed and Sealed in presence of

     Isabella Ledlie
     Will'm Miller

… The within named William Miller maketh Oath that he saw the within named Mary Ledlie duly Execute the Indented Deed whereof the within writing is a Mem'l and also saw the said Mary Ledlie Sign & Seal this Mem'l and that Dep't [Deponent] is a subscribing witness to the said Deed and to this Mem'l and that the name W'm Miller Subs'd [Subscribed] as a witness to the said Deed and to this Mem'l is his this Dep'ts proper name and handwriting

     Will'm Miller

… Sworn before me at Stewartstown in the County of Tyrone 11'th day of 1774 by virtue of a Com'n [Commission] to me directed & I know the Dep't

     Gilb Ledlie

… Present  Justices of the peace for the County of Tyrone

     Ed: Lill
     Ja's Moore Hamilton

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Transcriber's notes:


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An apostrophe indicates that the letter or letters following were raised, or written in superscript, in the original text.


A similar assignment was made by Mary Ledlie to her daughter, Isabella, on the 22nd September 1773 (Memorial no. 300-399-200331).


This transcript includes paragraph breaks whereas the original text appears as one paragraph without any indentation.


The forename of William and Mary Ledlie’s daughter was Isabella.

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