1772-05-28: 290-482-193815: Huggins to Huggins

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 290-482-193815: Lettice Huggins [née Kennedy] of Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo, co. Tyrone, to John Huggins, jun. (dated 28 May 1772, reg'rd 27 Nov 1772). Copy on microfilm at the PRONI, Belfast, ref. MIC/311/237, memorial no. 193815 (accessed 2003-11). Extract by Alison Kilpatrick. Please cite your sources.


Deed of sale of 28th July 1772 Cond'n £950. Lettice Huggins, John Huggins. Glenorbe and other Lands County Tyrone to hold for the residue of the lives therein. Registered 27th November 1772.

A more detailed extract, containing some gaps, as indicated by the [...] markings:

  Memorial no. 193815.
  Huggins to Huggins.
  Registered 27 November 1772.
  A Memorial of a Deed of Sale, 28 May 1772.
  Between Lettice Huggins of Glenorbe Widow and Administrator of John Huggins Deceased and John Huggins of Glenorbe Gentleman son and heir of John Huggins Deceased.
  Whereas the Honorable Barry Maxwell by Indenture of Lease 6 December 1759, did demise to Lettice Huggins part of Drumnacanver and Lisglin then in her possession 74 Acres 7 Perches for twenty years ... yearly rent of £6 10 shillings 11 pence for the first eleven years and for the remainder £8 1 shilling 10 pence with a covenant of Renewal and also that James Earl of Charlemont by Lease [dated] 13 July 1772 to Lettice Huggins and John Huggins part of Glenorbe held by them for the lives of John Huggins  Thomas Huggins and Richard Dobbins ... yearly rent £40, and that Margaret Hamilton by Lease [dated] 28 October 1735 to John Huggins since Deceased that part of Kedew in his possession and now in possession of his Eldest Son John Huggins son and heir during the lives of John Huggins  John Huggins his son and William Pringle of Callidon ... yearly rent £24 15 shillings 8 pence.
  Whereby Lettice Huggins in Consideration of £950 paid by John Huggins did give grant sell [etc.] to John Huggins Drumnacanver and Lisglin Glenorbe and Kedew now in said John's possession with all the rights of renewal [etc.]
  To the said John Huggins his heirs and assigns ... without any Let or Interruption of Lettice Huggins or of Gilbert Huggins  Elizabeth Huggins and Ann Huggins.

Full transcription pending.

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