1748-01-27: 155-383-105143: Conyngham to Ledlie

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland (Henrietta Street, Dublin). Memorial no. 155-383-105143: Conyngham to Ledlie (dated 27 January 1748; registered 6 November 1752). Microfilm copy held by the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Archival ref. FHL film no. 461361; digital image online at www.familysearch.org. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2019-01-03. Please cite your sources.

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[Title:] [1]
No. 105143  To the Register appointed for the Registring all Deeds Conveyances and Wills pursuant to an act of Parliament

[Notes in margin:]
Conyngham to Ledlie
[2] the 6'th day of Nov'r 1752 at 5 oClock in the afternoon

[Body of memorial:]
Memorial of an Indented Deed of Lease and an Indorsement thereon the said Deed of Lease bearing date and perfected the twenty Seventh day of Jan'ry One thousand Seven hundred and forty eight and made between George Conyngham of Springhill in the County of Londonderry Esq'r of the One part and William Ledlie of Carnan in the County of Tyrone Gen't of the Other part [3]

… Whereby the Said George Conyngham for and in Consideration of the yearly rent of two pounds Ster'l [Sterling] with Six pence p [per] pound Rec'rs [Receiver's] fees together with Other Covenants and agreements therein particularly mentioned and reserv'd did demise grant Set and to farm let unto the said William Ledlie three acres Scotch Conyngham measure of that portion of ground Situate lying and being between the River Coagh and the millrace of the same next adjoining to the Lower end of the Bleach green then in the possession of Edw'd Pattison as also one acre of like measure as aforesaid of the Land then in the possession of Robert Brown lying between the said millrace and the Publick road leading from Mullaghrory [4] into Coagh next adjoining to the nine acres Set to Edw'd Pattison together with all rights members and appurtenances thereunto belonging all said four acres being part of the town lands of Urble in the parish of Ballyclog [5] and County of Tyrone aforesaid with liberty of building and erecting on Such part of said demised premes [premises] Said William Ledlie Should see fit for a mill for washing purging scouring Cleaning and Beetling of Linnen Cloth and to use from time to time at all times during said demise so much Water of said millrace as Shoud [sic] be necessary for working said mill and for watering what Linen Cloath should be Spread Out to bleach on all or any part of Said demised premes together with a Sufficient Quantity of Turf bog for the use of the premes in the moss or turf Bog of Drumconvis [6]

… to have & to hold all and Singular the said ^thereby^ [7] Demised premes with the apprs [appurtenances] unto the said William Ledlie his heirs Ex'rs [Executors] adm'rs [administrators] and assigns from the first day of Nov preceeding the date thereof for and during the term time and space of three lives (to Wit) the life of the said William Ledlie  the life of Joshua son to the Said William then aged about seventeen years  the life of Joshua son to Said William then aged ab't Eleven years or for thirty One yeaars which should last longust [sic] from then next ensuing fully to be Compleated and ended

… and the endorsem't or writing on the back of said Indenture of Lease is in the words following to Wit  for avoiding or preventing any Doubts or Controversys which may hereafter arise Concerning the Validity of the within Lease or the tenure thereby granted by the within named George Conyngham to the within named William Ledlie  William Cunnyngham [sic] of the City of Dublin Esq'r Eldest Son and heir apparent of the said George Conyngham do hereby for me my heirs and assigns Ratify Confirm and establish the same according to the true intent purport and meaning thereof as Witness my hand and Seal this tenth day of Febry One thousand seven hundred & fifty two

… Which said Deed of Lease is Witnessed by Rob't Browne late of Coah [sic] in the County of Tyrone aforesaid Linnen Merch't [Merchant] dec'd [deceased] and by Mathew Pattison of the same Linnen Draper and the said indorsement is Witnessed by the said Mathew Pattison  William Buttle of Coagh afores'd Gent and James Browne of the same Linnen Merch't and this Memor'l is Witnessed by the said Mathew Pattison and by Samuel Bell of the City of Dublin Gen't One of the Att'rys [Attorneys] of his Majes [Majesty's] Court of Excheq'r in Ireland

     William Ledlie (Seal)

… Signed and Sealed by the above named William Ledlie in the presence of us

     Mat'w Pattison
     Sam'l Bell

… the above named Mathew Pattison Came this [day] before me and made Oath that he is a Subscribing Witness to and Saw the above mentioned William Conyngham duly Sign Seal and execute the above recited indorsem't written thereon of which said Deed of Lease and Indorsement the above writing is a Mem'l and also Saw the said William Ledlie duly Sign and Seal the s'd Mem'l and Saith that the name Matt Pattison Signed or Subscribed as a Witness to said Deed of Lease and Indorsement thereon and to this mem'l respectively is this Dep'ts [Deponent's] name and proper hand writing

     Matthew Pattison

… Sworn before me by virtue of a Comission [sic] to me directed for the taking affid'ts [affidavits] in and for the County of Tyrone taken at Dungannon in said County of Tyrone this 31'st day of Octob'r 1752 & I know the Dep't

     And'w Carmichaell

… present two of the Justices of the peace for said County of Tyrone

     Rob't Blackall
     Tho's Goodley

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... probably Mullaghtironey, parish of Tamlaght.


... in the parish of Tamlaght.


Drumconway townland in the parish of Tamlaght.


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