1747-10-08: 126-229-86700: Clark to Clark

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 126-229-86700: Clark to Clark (dated 8 Oct 1747; reg'rd 13 Oct 1747). Copy per FHL film no. 522831. Transcribed and annotated by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-08-10. Please cite your sources.

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126-229-86700 clark to clark

No. 86700  To the Reg'r [Register] [2] appointed for registr'g Deeds wills Coveyances [sic] & Soforth purs't [pursuant] to Acts of Parliam't made in this Kingdom in that behalf

[Notes in margin:]
Clark to Clark
Reg'rd the 13'th day of Oct'r 1747 at 1/2 an hour after 10 o Clock in the forenoon

[Body of memorial:]
  A Memorial of an indented Deed of Mortgage bearing date y'e Eighth day of Oct'r in y'e year of our Lord one Thous'd Seven Hundred & forty Seven by & between Jo'n Clark of Maghera in y'e C'o of Londonderry Gent of y'e one part & Jackson Clark of Maghera aforesaid Gent. of the other party [3]

... whereby after recitals of Several grants made to y'e s'd John Clarke [sic] of the lands & premes [premises] in s'd Deed of Mortgage ment'd did for & in consid'n of y'e Sum of Eight Hundred & Eighty one pounds for which y'e said Jackson Clark is Security for the s'd Jo'n Clark to be paid unto Mary Benson  W'm Stinson  George Ash  Paul Clark  Joseph Haslot  Ja's Dripps & Alex'r Clark

... Grant bargain Sell Assign & Set over unto y'e s'd Jackson Clark his Ex'rs [Executors] Adm'rs [Administrators] & Assigns All that & those y'e Town & Lands of Mullagh in y'e parish of Termoneny & part of the Town & Lands of Moneymore Largantogher and y'e Lower part of Cregadick in y'e parish of Maghera & also the Town Land of Tyrenony in y'e parish of Kille^la^gh together with a proportionable part of y'e Mill of Maghera & the Lands & Tenem'ts thereunto belonging as y'e Same was formerly held & Enjoyed by James Deniston deced [deceased] & his undertenants

... also all y't [that] pare[-] [4] or Tract of Land called y'e Forty Acres in y'e Town Lands of Moneymore & Mullagh afores'd with the Appurs [Appurtenances] & all y't and those y'e Tenem't in Maghera ^aforesaid called y'e [-]unters Tenem'ts Garden & also y'e Tenem't in s'd Magh[-]^ called y'e Will Tenem't now in y'e possion [possession] of y'e said Jo'n Clark  All w'ch [which] Lands & premes are Seituate Lying & being in y'e Barony of Loughinsholling & County of Londonderry

... And also all that & those y'e towns and Lands of Legmurn Tirkvallin Killin & a third part of Lissaclare otherwise called Killclare & also the Lands of Agharumderrigg [5] Seituate Lying & being in the barony of Dunganon [sic] & C'o of Tyrone and all the Estate Right Title Interest possession Term of years to come Claim & demand & right of renewals which he y'e s'd John Clark now hath or may ought or should have or claim in or to the s'd Lands & premisses with y'e Appurs aforesaid and every of them by any means howsoever

... ^To have and^ To hold y'e s'd bargained & Sold premes with their & every of their Appurtences [Appurtenances] and all Leases Deeds & all other writings or papers relating thereunto to & all y'e Estate Right Title Interest & Term of years thereby bargained Sold Assigned & Sett over unto y'e s'd Jackson Clark his Ex'rs Adm'rs and Assigns to his & their proper use & behoof during y'e residue of y'e terms yet to come & unexpired granted unto y'e s'd John Clark

... provided always y't if the s'd John Clark his Ex'rs Adm'rs & Assigns do well & truly pay or cause to be paid unto the s'd Jackson Clark his Ex'rs Adm'rs & Assigns y'e full Sum of Eight Hundred & Eighty one pounds Ster. [Sterling] with all y'e Interest & Cost which shall be due thereon on y'e first day of November next after y'e date of said Deed of Mortgage y't then and from thenceforth not only the said Deed & every thing therein contained

... but also one bond or Obligation with Warr't [Warrant] of Att'ry [Attorney] for Confessing Judgem't thereon bearing equal date with y'e s'd Deed of y'e penalty of one Thousand Seven hundred & Sixty two pounds Ster. conditioned for the paym't of the s'd Sum of Eight Hundred & Eighty one pounds Ster. on y'e first day of Nov'r next after y'e date of s'd Deed Shall Cease & be void  with other Clauses for Assuring Suremaking & Confirming y'e s'd Grant & Sale as in & by y'e s'd Deed referrence [sic] thereunto being had may more fully & at Large appear

... & the due Execution of the said Deed by y'e s'd John Clark & Jackson Clark is witnessed by Archibald Stewart & Arthur Clark both of y'e town & parish of Maghera & County of Londonderry aforesaid Gent. and y'e Signing & Sealing of this Mem'l [Memorial] is also witnessed by y'e said Archibald Stewart & Arthur Clark

     Jackson Clark (seal) __

... Signed & Sealed in presence of us

     __ Arch'd Stewart __ Arth'r Clark __

... The above named Archibald Stewart came this day before me & made Oath y't he Saw y'e above ment'd [mentioned] Deed whereof y'e above writing is a Mem'l duly Executed by y'e above named Jo'n Clark & Jackson Clark in presence of this Dep't [Deponent] & y'e s'd Arth'r Clark Subscribing witnesses to y'e Same y't he Likewise Saw y'e above Mem'l Signed & Sealed by y'e s'd Jackson Clark in presence of this Dep't & the said Arthur Clark Subscribing witnesses thereto & y't s'd Deed & the above Mem'l is this Dep'ts [Deponent's] proper hand writing & Deliv'd [Delivered] the same to M'r James Saunders Dep Reg'r [Deputy Register] on y'e 13'th day of Oct'r 1747 at or near half an hour after Ten o Clock in y'e forenoon

     __ Arch'd Stewart __

... Sworn y'e 13'th of Oct'r 1747 before me

     James Saunders Dep Reg'r __

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Legmurn, parish of Ballyclog; Trickvallan, parish of Arboe; Lisaclare and Killeen townlands, parish of Clonoe.

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