1747-10-05: 129-230-86876: Ferguson to Ferguson

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 129-230-86876: Ferguson to Ferguson (dated 5 Oct 1747; reg'rd 10 Nov 1747). Copy per FHL film no. 522833. Transcribed and annotated by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-08-12. Please cite your sources.

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129-230-86876 ferguson to ferguson

No. 86876  To the Reg'r [Register] [2] appointed by Act of Parliam't for Regist'g [Registering] Deeds Conveyances Wills & Soforth

[Notes in margin:]
Ferguson to Ferguson
Reg'rd the 10'th day of Nov'r 1747 at 12 oClock at Noon

[Body of memorial:]
  A Memorial of a Deed Indented ^bearing^
[3] date the fifth day of Oct'r One thous'd seven hund'd & forty seven made Between And'w Ferguson of Tarater [Farriter] in the Bar [Barony] of Dungannon & C'o of Tyrone Gent of the one part & John Ferguson of the s'd town Bar & C'o Gent of the other p't [part] [4]

... Whereby it is first recited a Deed duly Executed by Tho's White of Redhills in the C'o of Cavan Esq'r to John Nesbitt of Tullyvar in the C'o of Tyrone afores'd Gent thereby Demising to him the s'd Nesbitt the said Townland of Taratar for & During the nat'l [natural] lives of And'w Nesbitt  John Nesbitt Jun'r & John Irwine Jun'r w'th a Clause of Renewall on the failure of each life & So to Continue for Ever,

... & Secondly reciting a Deed of Assignm't of the said Deed of Demise duly Executed by the s'd John Nesbitt to the said Andrew Ferguson for the Consid'n [Consideration] of Forty two Pounds Ster [Sterling] bearing date y'e Thirtyeth day of Sept'r One thousand and seven hundred & twenty nine

... And Whereby and by virtue of the deed first above ment'd [mentioned] Whereof this present writ'g is a Mem'l [Memorial] the said And'w Ferguson for & in Consid'n of his paternal affection to his Son the s'd John Ferguson, & the Sum of Five Shill's [Shillings] Ster to him in hand p'd [paid] by the s'd John Ferguson doth Grant Convey Transfer Assign & make over All his R't [Right] title Int't [Interest] Claim & Dem'd [Demand] w'tsoever [whatsoever] of in & to that p't [part] of the s'd Townland of Taratar Computed to be a Moiety thereof & as the same is Meared & bounded & in as full & ample manner as possed [possessed] by s'd Andrew Ferguson unto him the s'd John Ferguson his heirs & Ass's [Assigns] for Ever w'thout Claim Challenge or Dem'd of the s'd And'w Ferguson his heirs or Ass's

... ^To have and^ To hold the s'd Granted Premes [Premises] & Appurs [Appurtenances] from the first day of May last During the Continuance of the s'd Lease & every renewall thereof unto the s'd John Ferguson his heirs & Ass's Subject to the yearly Rent of Six Pounds Ster w'th a Provisoe therein that During the nat'l life of the s'd And'w Ferguson the s'd John Ferguson his heirs & Assigns shall pay yearly on the first day of Nov'r & first day of May four Pounds Ster by Equal Moieties unto the s'd And'w Ferguson or his Order over & above the s'd Annual Rent w'th a Power to Distrain the Premes in Case of Non Paym't as by the s'd Indented Deed, Relation being thereunto had may more at large appear,

... the Due Execution whereof by the s'd And'w Ferguson & John Ferguson is Witnessed by James Foresythes of Aghnacloy Gent  And'w Carmichael & Sarah Carmichael both of Dungannon & all in the s'd C'o of Tyrone & by Hugh Carmichael of the City of Dublin Gent & the Signing & Sealing of this Mem'l by the s'd John Ferguson is also Witnessed by the s'd And'w Carmichael & Ja's Forsythes [sic]

     __ John Ferguson (seal) __

... Signed & Sealed in the Psence [Presence] of

     James Forsythes __ And'w Carmichaell,

... The above named James Forsythes came this day before me & made Oath y't [that] he saw the s'd And'w Ferguson & John Ferguson duly Execute the said Deed, whereof the above writ'g is a Mem'l in the Psence of the Dep't [Deponent] & that he likewise Saw the s'd John Ferguson duly Sign & Seal the above written Mem'l & that the name James Forsythes Subscr'd [Subscribed] as a Witness to the s'd Deed & to the above written Mem'l is this Dep'ts [Deponent's] proper hand writing

     __ James Forsythes __

... Sworn before me at Dungannon in the C'o of Tyrone one of the Com'rs [Commissioners] for taking Affid'ts [Affidavits] in the s'd C'o this 4'th day of Nov'r 1747

     __ And'w Carmichaell [sic] __

... Witnessed by these Justices of y'e Peace

     Rob: Blackall __ Ri Vincent __

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