1747-01-14: 127-468-87488: Clark to Stephenson

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 127-468-87488: Clark to Stephenson (dated 14 Jan 1747, reg'd 23 Jan 1747). Copy per FHL film no. 522832. Transcribed and annotated by Alison Kilpatrick, 2016-06-25, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-08-12. Please cite your sources.

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127-468-87488 clark to stephenson

[Title:] [1]
No. 87488  To the Register appointed by act of Parliam't for publick Registry of Deeds wills Conveyances & Soforth __

[Notes in margin:]
Clark to Stephenson
Reg'rd [2] the 23'd of Jan'ry 1747 at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon

[Body of deed:]
  A Memorial of an Indented Deed of M'tGage [Mortgage] bearing date the Fourteenth day of Jan'ry one Thous'd [Thousand] Seven Hun'd [Hundred] and forty Seven between Jackson Clarke of Maghera in the C'o of Londonderry Merch't [Merchant] of the one part & James Stephenson of Killyfaddy in y'e County of Armagh Merchant of the other part

... whereby (after reciting as therein is recited) the s'd Jackson Clarke in consid'n [consideration] of the Sum of five Hundred pounds Ster to him paid by the s'd James Stephenson did grant bargain sell Assign & Sett over ^un^to [4] the said James Stephenson All his the said Jackson Clark's R't [Right] Title & Interest of in & to all that y'e town & Lands of Largantacher & Craggadick the Lands of Taggarkeevy & Craggmore being part of the precinct Termon or Erenagh Lands [5] of Maghera [6] except such part of the town lands of Largantacher & Craggmore as were in the possion [possession] of the Rev'd M'r Maleverer

... Also the Town Lands of Tyrkeen [Tirkane] & Tyreanenry [Tirnony] in the parish of Killyleagh the Town Land of Mullagh in the parish of Termoneny with part of the Townlands of Moneymore in the Parish of Maghera tog'r [together] with a Proportionable part of the Mill of Maghera & the Lands or tenem'ts [tenements] thereunto belonging with the appurs [appurtenances]

... which Lands & premisses were held ^by the s'd Jackson Clark by virtue of an Indenture of Lease bearing Date the Eight Day of August one thous'd Seven hund'd and Forty Six to him thereof Granted^ by the R't Rev'd father in God George Late Lord Bishop of Derry for the Term of Twenty one years from the first day of Aug't aforesaid at the Yearly rent of Fifty five pounds Eighteen Shillings & four pence Ster.

... To Hold the s'd premisses unto the s'd James Stephenson his Ex'rs [Executors] Adm'rs [Administrators] & Assigns during the residue of the s'd term of years & during all such other and further term or terms for years as should happen to be Added thereto at any time afterw'ds by the pres't [present] or any future B'p [Bishop] of the said See from time to time forever

... In which said Deed is cont'd [contained] a proviso of Redem'n [Redemption] by an Endorsem't [Endorsement] thereon it is agreed that the said Mortgaged premes [premises] shall stand a Security for all such further Sum or Sums of money as the s'd Jackson Clark should afterw'ds borrow from the s'd James Stephenson

... In which s'd Deed of Release are cont'd divers other Cov'ts [Covenants]  which said Indented Deed was duly Executed by the s'd parties in presence of Tho's Ledlie of Springmount in the C'o of Tyrone Gent  Tho's Kennedy of the City of Dublin Gent & John Stephenson of Killyfaddy in y'e County of Armagh & the said Memorial is witn'd [witnessed] by the s'd Tho's Ledlie & Tho's Kennedy subscribing witness^es^ thereto

     __ Jackson Clark (Seal) __

... Signed & Sealed in psence [presence] of

     Tho's Ledlie __ Tho Kennedy __

... The above named Tho's Kennedy maketh oath that he was a Subscribing witness to & saw the above named Jackson Clark & James Stephenson duly Sign Seal and Execute y'e Indented Deed where of the above is a Mem'l [Memorial] and also saw the s'd Jackson Clark duly Sign & Seal the s'd Memorial & deposeth that the said Mem'l was deliv'd [delivered] to James Saunders Gent. Deputy Reg'r [Registrar] on the 23'd day of Jan'ry 1747 at or near 11 o'Clock in the forenoon

     __ Tho Kennedy __

... Sworn before me the 23'd January 1747

     __ James Saunders Dep Reg'r.

[Note in margin:]
The Mortgage ment'd [mentioned] in this Mem'l is satisfied & discharged as appears by a Certificate under the hand & seal of the Mortgagee dated the 14'th day of Septem'r 1757 & Num'r. 2480.

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The Irish words for church lands. Termon lands were free from temporal impositions and, historically, had provided places of sanctuary. Erenagh lands were inherited by families who acted as stewards and paid rent to the bishops.


Largantocher, Craigadick, and Craigmore townlands lie within the parish of Maghera. While Taggarkeevy was not found in the 1851 Townland Index, the memorial states that this townland was situated in the precinct of Maghera.

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