1743-01-02: 114-135-78334: Ledlie to Kennedy

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 114-135-78334: Ledlie to Kennedy (dated 2 Jan 1743; reg'rd 13 Feb 1743). Copy per FHL film no. 522826. Transcribed and annotated by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-08-06. Please cite your sources.

Footnotes have been inserted by the transcriber and are hyperlinked to the Transcriber's notes section at the end of this transcript.


114-135-78334 ledlie to kennedy

No. 78334  To the Reg'r [Register] [2] appointed by Act of Parliam't for Registring Deeds Wills Conveyances & Soforth

[Notes in margin:]
Ledlie to Kennedy
Reg'rd the 13'th day of Feb'ry 1743 at 12 o'Clock at Noon

[Body of memorial:]
  A Mem'l [Memorial] of an Indented Deed bear[ing] date the second day of Jan'ry One thous'd seven hund'd & forty three made between Gilb't Ledlie of Carnan [3] in y'e C'o of Tyrone Gent of y'e one p't [part] & Tho's Kennedy y'e elder of Lettercleary [4] in y'e s'd C'o of Tyrone Clke [Clerk] & Sarah Kennedy otherwise Bell his wife of the other p't [5]

... Reciting that the s'd Tho's Kennedy & his wife Sarah had as of Michmas [Michaaelmas] term then last past Acknowledged & levyed One fine Sur conusance de droit [6] come ceo [7] &c. unto y'e s'd Gilb't Ledlie & his heirs of & in the Town & Lands of Aughlarge [4] in y'e C'o of Tyrone afores'd

... The s'd Parties therefore by the s'd Deed did Declare & agree that as well for Docking & barring y'e Severall Estates Tailes & all other Estates as for Vesting the s'd lands in ffee simple in y'e s'd Tho's Kennedy the Elder & his heirs

... The s'd fine & all other fines or Assurances to be Seized & Executed by & between the s'd Parties or any of them should be & Enure to the only Proper Use & behoof of the s'd Tho's Kennedy the Elder & his heirs for Ever & for no other Use or Purpose whatsoever

... Which s'd Indented Deed was duly Executed by the s'd Gilb't Ledlie in the Presence of Tho's Kennedy of the City of Dublin Gent  Jackson Clarke of Maghera in y'e C'o of Londonderry Gent & Jane Moore of Maghera afores'd Spinster by the s'd Tho's Kennedy & Sarah his wife in Presence of the s'd Tho's Kennedy  Ja's Kennedy of Down Patrick in y'e C'o of Down Gent & Sarah Bailie of Lettercleary afores'd Spinster

... and this Mem'l was Executed by the s'd Gilb't Ledlie in Presence of the s'd Tho's Kennedy & Jackson Clarke [sic] Subscr'g [Subscribing] Witnesses thereto

     __ Gilb't Ledlie (seal) __

... Signed & Sealed in Presence of

     __ Tho's Kennedy __ Jackson Clark __

... The above named Tho's Kennedy maketh Oath that he saw the above named Gilb't Ledlie as also the s'd Tho's Kennedy the elder & Sarah his wife duly Execute the Indented Deed whereof the above is a Mem'l & also Saw the s'd Gilb't Ledlie Sign & Seal the s'd Mem'l unto w'ch [which] Deed & Mem'l this Dep't [Deponent] is a Subscr'g Witness & Saith the s'd Mem'l was Deliv'd [Delivered] to Barth'w Delandre Dep Reg'r [Deputy Register] on the 13'th day of Feb'ry 1743 at or near 12 o'Clock at Noon

     __ Thos Kennedy

... Sworn before me the 13'th day of Feb'ry 1743

     __ Bar'[-] [8] Delandre Dep Reg'r __

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Transcriber's notes:


The transcriber's comments or editing marks are enclosed [within square brackets].


An apostrophe indicates that the letter or letters following were raised, or written in superscript, in the original text.


Parish of Arboe.


Parish of Donaghendry.


This transcript includes paragraph breaks whereas the original text appears as one paragraph without any indentation.


Connaissance du droit, a French term, translated literally as: "knowledge of (one's) right;" in the English language, approximates the meaning of the phrase, "the common law," but perhaps more precisely, "the law, or custom, that is commonly held, or widely understood, to prevail in instances such as this."


"Come [Ce]", perhaps a short form of "Comme Ceci," trans. in this manner, like this.


[-] signifies an illegible character.

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