1732-12-08: 121-828-83117: Burch alias Jackson & Son to Ledlie

Source: Registry of Deeds, Dublin. Memorial no. 121-828-83117: Burch otherwise Jackson & Son to Ledlie & another (dated 8 Dec 1732, reg'rd 8 April 1746). Copy per FHL film no. 461350. Transcribed and annotated by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2016-07-13. Please cite your sources.

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[Title:] [1]
No. 83117  To the Reg'r [Register] [2] appointed for Registring Deeds and Soforth __

[Notes in margin:]
Burch otherwise Jackson & Son to Ledlie & anor [another].
Reg'rd the 8'th day of Ap'l 1746 at 1/12 an hour after 5 oClock in the Afternoon

[Body of memorial:]
  A Memorial of a Deed Indented dated the Eight day of Dec'r One thousand seven hundred & thirty two between Mary Burch als [alias] Jackson in Loghans in the Par [Parish] of Donaghclony & C'o of Down in behalf of John Burch son to the s'd Mary of the one part & John Ledlie of Carnin [Carnan] in the C'o of Tyrone in behalf of his Daur [Daughter] Jane Ledlie on the other part [3]

... Whereby in Cons'n [Consideration] of a Marriage to be had between the s'd John Burch & Jane Ledlie & of Eight pounds Ster to be paid by said John as a Marriage portion w'th s'd Jane to the s'd John Burch It was Covt'ed [Covenanted] & Agreed between the afores'd parties That s'd Mary Burch als Jackson shoud [sic] Assign & make over unto the said John Burch her son All that the s'd John Burch had a right to by virtue of a Will made by James Burch late of Loghans in ^the^ [4] said County dec'd [deceased] then dated the 4'th of Feb'y 1726 father to the said John,

... And the s'd Mary did thereby Assign & make over the dwelling house she then possed [possessed] w'th all office houses belonging to the same (the turf house & little Stable Excepted) to the s'd John her son in a Month after the s'd Marriage

... And in Case the s'd Mary & her son did not agree to live tog'r [together] in the same house after s'd Marriage Then s'd Mary & John should be at Equal Expences in Erecting a Cone't [or Cono't] Dwelling house for said Mary & at her Marriage or Death to return to ^the^ s'd John Burch his heirs or Assigns free of all Costs

... And it was also agreed that if the said Jane shoud die within a Year & day after said Marriage without Issue Then the s'd John Burch his heirs Ex'rs [Executors] Adm'rs [Administrators] or Assigns shoud return to y'e s'd John Ledlie his heirs Ex'rs Adm'rs or Ass's [Assigns] the Sum of Forty pounds Ster being one Moiety of the s'd Portion

... And if the s'd Jane should die leaving Issue Male by said Marriage one or More, Then what freehold said John Burch had a right to at the time of said Marriage should be Secured to them at his Death if more than one, which he should think most deserving

... But if said Jane died leaving Issue Females & no Males, then if but one Daur the said John should secure to her Eighty pounds Ster if two Daurs one hundred pounds Ster if three or more then the one half of what Goods & Chattles lands & Tenem'ts [Tenements] the s'd John Burch should be Possed [Possessed] of at the time of s'd Jane's death should be Divided among the s'd Daurs at the Discretion of the Undernamed Overseers or their heirs

... And if said John should die before s'd Jane leaving no Issue of said Marriage then she shoud have her fortune secured to her tog'r w'th what s'd John gives more In his lifetime or at his death & also to Possess the half of the freehold w'th the Appurs [Appurtenances] during her Widowhood

... but if she Married again to give up the possion [possession] of said freehold provided her said fortune be secured to her And all that s'd John died possed of to be Subject to secure the same

... And if s'd John shoud die before s'd Jane leaving Issue of said Marriage Then one Moiety of her said Fortune to be Secured to her out of the best Effects of s'd John & to possess the third of the freehold during her Widowhood

... but if she Married again to give up the Possion of s'd third & M'r W'm Crozer & M'r Will'm Macraght both of Laghans James Stephens [Stephenson] of Killisaddy [Killyfaddy] in the C'o of Armagh & John Ledlie Jun'r of Carnin in the County of Tyrone are to be Overseers to s'd Division

... And for the true Pformance [Performance] of the above Conditions the s'd John Ledlie did bind himself his heirs Ex'rs Adm'rs in the penalty of five hundred pounds & also to make his Daur Jane her death Equal to the rest of her full Sisters

... Which Deed is Witnessed by Jackson Clark of Maghera in the County of Tyrone [sic] Merch't [Merchant] & W'm Crozer of Stramore in the C'o of Downe Gent & this Mem'l [Memorial] is Witnessed by the s'd W'm Crozer & George Crozer of Stramore afores'd Gent

     Mary Burch (seal)

... The within Mem'l was duly Signed & Sealed in presence of us

     __ Will Crozier [sic] __ Geo: Crozier __

... The within named W'm Crozer maketh Oath that he saw the Deed whereof the within is a Mem'l Executed by the within nam'd John Ledlie & saw the within named Mary Burch Sign & Seal the s'd Mem'l 

     Will Crozier

... Sworn before me on my Circuit at Downpat'k [Downpatrick] the twenty seventh day of March One thousand seven hundred & forty Six

     __ Mich Ward __

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