1731-08-30: 79-503-57084: Lord Charlemont to Huggins

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 79-503-57084: Lord Charlemont to John Huggins of Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone (dated 30 August 1731, registered 14 November 1735). Microfilm copy held by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast). Archival ref. MIC/311/50 (accessed by Alison Kilpatrick, November 2003). Microfilm copy held by the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (FHL microfilm no. 522815); digital images online at familysearch.org (transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net (2016-07-12). Please cite your sources.


  Grantor: Lord Charlemont.
  Grantee: John Huggans.
  Names and descriptions of Land and Premises: 80 acres of Glenorbe County Tyrone To hold for 31 years at rent of £23.
  Registered 14th November 1735.

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  Memorial no. 57084.
  Lord Charlemont to Huggins.
  Registered 14 November 1735.
  Memorial of a Lease [dated] 30 August 1731.
  Whereby the Right Honorable Lord Viscount Charlemont did demise [etc.] ... to Farm and Let to John Huggins in the parish of Aghalow County Tyrone ... that part of the Town Land of Glenorbe then in his possession Containing 80 Acres English Measure ...
   To hold [for] thirty-one years ... yearly rent £23 with six pence per pound Receivers Fees.

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[Title:] [1]
No 57084. To the Register appointed for Reg'g [2] Deeds &c.

[Notes in margin:]
L'd Charlemont to Huggans
Reg'rd the 14'th Day of Novem'r 1735 at 6 o Clock in the afternoon

[Body of memorial:]
  A Memorial of a Lease Dated the Thirtieth Day of August one Thousand Seven hundred and Thirty one Whereby the Rt Honble [Honourable] James Lord Visc't [Viscount] Charlemont Did Demise Grant Sett to farm Let unto John Huggans of Glenorbe in the Parish of Aghalow in the C'o of Tyrone Farmer all that part of the Town Land of Glenorbe aforesaid then in his possession as y'e Same is Meared and Bounded Containing Eighty acres English Measure w'th y'e appurs [appurtenances] Except as therein is Excepted / [3]

   To hold from the first November then last for thirty one years at y'e yearly Rent of Twenty Three pounds Ster above Taxes Quit and Crown Rent Excepted with Six pence pr [per?] pound receiv'rs [receiver's] Fees,

... Which s'd [said] Lease is Witnessed by Tho's Clark Near Charlemont in y'e County of Armagh Gent & Patrick Murray of the City of Dublin Grocer and this Memorial is Witnessed by the s'd Patrick Murray and Bartholomew Delandre Clke [Clerk] to W'm Parry Publick Notary in Dublin

     __ John Huggans seal __

... Signed and Sealed in presence of us

     __ Patrick Murray __ Bar'w Delandre __

... The above Named Patrick Murrray Maketh Oath that he saw the above named James Lord Vis't Charlemont Execute the Lease of which the above Writing is a Mem'l [Memorial] and also Saw the above named John Huggans Sign and Seal the said Memorial and Dep't [Deponent] Delivered the said Memorial to M'r W'm Parry Dep Reg'r [Deputy Register] on the fourteenth Day of Novem'r 1735 at or near Six o Clock in the afternoon

     __ Patrick Murray __

... Jur 14'th die Nov'r 1735 cor me

     __ Will Parry Dep Reg'r.

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