1730-11-16: 65-345-46840: Cranstone to Stewart

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. (Henrietta Street, Dublin). Memorial no. 65-345-46840: Cranstone to Stewart (dated 16 November 1730; registered 15 May 1731). Microfilm copy held by the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; archival ref. FHL film no. 461335 (image no. 189); digital image online at www.familysearch.org. Indexed and transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, 2019-09-11.. Please cite your sources.

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[Title:] [1]  
No. 45840  To the Reg'r [Register or Registrar] [2] appointed by Act of Parliam't for Registring Deeds Convey[--] [Conveyances] Wills &c'a.

[Notes in margin:]
Cranstone to Stewart
Reg'd the 15 day of May 1731 at [11?] oClock in the forenoon 

[Body of memorial:]
  Whereas Archibald Richardson of Tallirevy
[3] in the County of Tyrone Gent by his Indre [Indenture] of Lease bearing date the third day of April in the year of Our Lord God One thous'd Seven hundred and Nine made between the said Archibald Richardson of the one part and William Cranstone of Moytober [Muntober] in the Parish of Kildres [sic] and County aforesaid of the other part [4] 

… did demise grant set and to farm let unto the said William Cranston [sic] his Ex'rs [Executors] Adm'rs [Administrators] & Ass's [Assigns] all that part of Moytober of Gamasok and of the Dovis latty [sic] in the possion [possession] of Cawl & Gilbert Gregory and as it is set out and marked to the said W'm Cranstone Seit [Situate] lying and being in the Barony of Kildress and County of Tyrone except out of the said Lease all Escheates Felons Fugitives Goods Waifs Estrays and Deodands with all woods Timbers Trees Mines Mineralls Quarries airies [aeries] of Great hawks and all other Royalties Liberties Priviledges Franchises and Immunities whatsoe[ver] to the premes [premises] belonging or appertaining

… To have and to hold all & singular the premisses with all houses gardens Meadows Pastures Moores Heaths and other Apprntances [Appurtenances] except before Excepted unto the said W'm Cranstone his Ex'rs Adm'rs and Ass's for and during the full Term of thirty years at and under the yearly Rents and Covenants in the said lease mentioned & Contained as by the same Relation being thereunto had may more appear

… Now followeth a Mem'll [Memorial] of a Writing Endorsed on the said Lease Signed and sealed by the said William Cranstone

… Whereby the said William Cranstone for and in Consideration of the Sum of Twenty Seven pounds Fifteen Shillings Ster. [Sterling] to him in hand paid, whereof he doth thereby Acknowledge the Receipt doth by the said Written Endorsment Assigne and make over and Transferr all his right Title Interest Claim and Demand in and to the premisses demised in the said Lease together with the said Lease unto John Stewart of Ballimenagh in the County of Tyrone Gent. to be and Enure to him his heires Ex'rs Adm'rs and Ass's well and truly Warrented [sic] Saved harmless and Indemnified from the said Lessee his heirs Ex'rs and Adm'rs without Molestation or Interuption [sic] from him or his aforesaids as also by the said written & Endorsed Assignm't or Writing relation being likewise thereunto had may more at large appear

… Which was Pfected [perfected] on the Sixteenth day of Nov'r One thousand Seven hundred and thirty by the said W'm Cranstone to the said John Stewart in the presence of the Rev'd M'r Thomas Kennedy of Letterclery in the said County Clke [Clerk] and Oywin[?] Conway of Broghderg [5] in the said County of Tyrone Gent. Witnesses to the perfection thereof and this Mem'll was signed and sealed by the said John Stewart in presence of the said Thomas Kennedy & William Stevenson of Stewartstowne in the said County Gent.

     _ Jo'n Stewart (seal)

… Signed and Sealed in presence of _

     W'm Stevenson _

… The above named Thomas Kennedy came this day before me and made Oath that he saw the above mentioned Endorsment in writing on the back of said Lease | whereof the above writing is a Mem'll duly Executed by the above named William Cranstone in presence of this Dep't [Deponent] and the said Oywin Conway Subscribing Witnesses to the same And that he likewise saw the said Mem'l Signed and Sealed by the said John Stewart in presence of this Dep't and William Stevenson and that the name Kennedy Subscribed as a Witness to the perfection of the said Endorsed writing and the above written Mem'll is this Dep'ts own proper hand writing _

     Kennedy _

… Jurat cor me uno Commiss'a pro Affid't in Rure Capiend apud Stewarstowne in Com. Tyrone 5° die Maÿ Ano Dni [Anno Domini] 1731 Et cog. pars. Deponent.

     And'w Carmichall

… We W'm Akie & Walter Lindsay Esq'rs two of his Maties [Majesty's] Justices of the peace in & for the County of Tyrone do hereby Certifie that we were present & saw the s'd Tho's Kennedy Swear to the above Affid't before a Com'r [Commissioner] for taking affid'ts in the Country at the Time and place of the Caption thereof _

     W'm Akie _
     Walt Lindsay _

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Broughderg, parish of Lissan, county Tyrone.


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Broughderg, parish of Lissan, county Tyrone.

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