1723-04-01: 41-371-26361: Fleming & Dorragh to Wilson

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland (Henrietta Street, Dublin). Memorial no. 41-371-26361: Fleming et al to Wilson (dated 31 March 1723 & 1 April 1723); registered 8 April 1724). Microfilm copy held by the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Archival ref. FHL film no. 522812; digital image online at www.familysearch.org. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2019-01-01. Please cite your sources.

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[Title:] [1]
  No. 26361 – To the Register for the publick Registring of all Deeds Conveyances & Wills appointed by Act of Parliam’t [2] in this Kingdom for that purpose

[Notes in margin:]
Fleming et al to Wilson

[Body of memorial:]
  A Memorial of Deeds of Lease and Release Indented the Lease bearing date the Thirty first day of March One thousand Seven hundred & Twenty three and made or mentioned to be made between Alex ffleming of Drumcrew in the County of Monaghan gent. and Martha ffleming als [alias] ffixter his Wife, Robert Darrock & Samuel Darrock both of Raffinen in the said County Gent. of the one part  Robert Wilson of Augher in the County of Tyrone Merch't [Merchant] of the other part [3]

… and the said Deed of Release bearing date the first day of April One thousand Seven hundred & twenty three made between the said Alex'r ffleming & Martha ffleming als ffixter his Wife  Robert Darroch [sic[ and Sam'l Darroch of the one part and the said Robert Wilson of the other part

… Witnesseth that the said Alex'r ffleming and Martha his Wife  Robert Darroch and Samuel Darroch for & in Consideration of the Sum of Two hundred thirty pounds Ster [Sterling] to them in hand paid by the said Robert Wilson the Receipt whereof they do thereby acknowledge Have bargained and Sold unto the s'd Rob't wilson his Heirs & Ass's All that and those the houses Lands and Tenements hereinafter mentioned Viz't

… the Tenement wherein Solomon Cuningham now dwells with two Parks thereunto belonging Containing by Estimation Nine Acres one Rood & ten Perches, be y'e same more or less, lying between Augher Lough and the Town and Lands of fferenighnagh now in the possion [possession] of said Solomon Cuningham One House Stead & Tenem't wherein Anne Provand Wid'w lately dwelt with One Park thereunto belonging Containing by Estim'n One Acre three Roods & thirteen Perches, be the same more or less, late in the possion of the said Anne Provand lying on the South side of the Street of the said Town of Augher with one other house Stead Tenem't parke called by the name of Wharry's Tenem't Parks all the said houses house Steads Tenem'ts lying and being in the s'd Town of Augher Parish of Clogher & County of Tyrone and the said Parks are Situate near the Town of Augher aforesaid And were formerly known by the name of Fixters Tenem'ts Parks

… To have and to hold all the said houses house steads Parks & Premisses with their appurtences [appurtenances] unto the said Rob't Wilson his heirs & Ass's [Assigns] for ever In which said Deed of Release there is a Clause of Warranty and a Clause of further Assurance with other usual Clauses

… which said Deeds of Lease & Release were duly perfected in the psence [presence] of Ja's M'c Lorinan  George Brattan  Edm'd M'c Girr & John Christell all of y'e Town of Augher in the County of Tyrone gent. & of which said Deeds of Lease & Release this is a Mem'll [Memorial] & to this Mem'll the said Rob't Wilson hath put his hand in the psence of the said John Christell & Simeon Rousse of the City of Dublin gent. this Eighth day of April One thousand and Seven hundred & Twenty four

     Rob't Wilson (Seal) _

… psent

     Jo'n Christell _
     Sim Rousse _

… John Christel [sic] above named made oath that he saw the Deeds of Lease & Release of which the above Writing is a Mem'll duly pfected [perfected] by the parties thereto And also the above Mem'll duly pfected by the s'd Rob't Wilson And Saith that the name John Christell Subscribed to the s'd Deeds of Lease & Release & Memorial as a Witness is this Dep'ts [Deponent's] proper hand Writing

     Jo'n Christell _

… Jur cor me apud Omagh in Com Tyrone 8° die April Ann D in 1724 in Circuit meo

     _ W. Caulfeild _

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