1723-01-17: 40-215-25153: Charlemont to Travers and others

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 40-215-25153, Charlemont to Travers and others (dated 17 Jan 1723, reg'rd 21 Jan 1723). Copy per FHL film no. 522812. Indexed by Alison Kilpatrick, and index entries submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2017-05-16. Please cite your sources.

charlemont to travers

Index entries:


  • A, B, C, etc. = person code
  • P1, P2 = parties to the deed
  • LP1, LP2 = parties to current deed
  • aLP1, aLP2 = parties to earlier deed
  • O adj = occupant of adjoining or adjacent land or tenement
  • WD = witness to the deed
  • WM = witness to the memorial
  • W Reg = witness who swore the memorial to the Register or a Magistrate
  • [A] = signed the memorial

Type of deed: Lease and release; marriage settlement
Date of current deed: 1723-01-17 and -18
Date of earliest deed: 1721-12-01
Date registered: 1723-01-21
Volume-Page-Memorial nos.: 40-215-25153

Abstract: For the consideration of a marriage portion of £6,000 paid by Q and other considerations, A, B, and C released to D and E the Manors of Charlemont, Castlecaulfeild, and Cladymore in counties Armagh, Monaghan, and Tyrone, with the Courts Leet and Courts Baron; A's advowson in the Rectory of Tartaraghan, county Armagh; including lands in the parish of Clonfeacle, leased to S; to hold to D and E forever, subject to A, B, C, and F-J perfecting a deed and paying a fine by which they become tenants of the freehold by inheritance. 1721-12-01: T demised to A townlands in the Barony of Dungannon, county Tyrone, and the Manor of Armagh, county Armagh, for a term of 21 years; now A assigned said lease to C and D for the unexpired term.

Indexer's note: Though not specified in the Memorial, the purposes and intents underlying this release were probably to provide jointure for the intended wife, should she survive her husband, and to designate the line of inheritance of the estate.
   The county Tyrone portions of the Lord Charlemont's holdings were situated in the parishes of Aughalow (Glenarb townland), Clonfeacle, Desertcreat, Donaghmore, and Killeshil.

A. Rt. Hon. William Caulfeild, Lord Viscount Charlemont; husband of B, father of C and F-J; LP1, RP1, aLP1 [A]

B. Ann Caulfeild otherwise Margetson, Lady Viscount Charlemont, wife of A; LP1, RP1

C. Hon. James Caulfeild, Esq., eldest son and heir apparent of A, intended husband of R; LP1, RP1

D. Rev. Dr. John Travers, LP2, RP2

E. James Coghill of Dublin, co. Dublin, Esq., LL.D., LP2, RP2

F. Hon. Charles Caulfeild, Esq., son of A, RP1

G. Hon. John Caulfeild, Esq., son of A, RP1

H. Hon. Henry Charles Caulfeild, son of A, RP1

I. Mary Caulfeild, daughter of A, RP1

J. Lettice Caulfeild, daughter of A, RP1

K. Thomas Fortescue of Reynoldstown, co. Louth, Esq., RP3

L. Hon. Clotworthy Skeffington, Lord Viscount Massarene, RP4

M. Rt. Hon. Marmaduke Coghill, Esq., LL.D., Magistrate, H.M. Hon. Privy Council, RP4

N. Peter Ludlow of Arsallagh, co. Dublin, Esq., RP5

O. John Davis of Dublin, Esq., RP6

P. William Ludlow of Dublin, Esq., RP7

Q. Francis Bernard, sen., of Dublin, Esq., father of S and W, RP7

R. Elizabeth Bernard of Dublin, daughter of Q, intended wife of C, RP7

S. Francis Chambers, Esq., aLP2

T. Most Rev. Father in God, Thomas Lindsay, Lord Archbishop of Armagh, Primate and Metropolitian of all Ireland (Church of Ireland); bLP1

U. John Rogerson, RP

W. Francis Bernard, jun., son of Q, WD, WM [A]

X. William Crosbie of Tubberett, co. Kerry, Esq., WD, WM [A]

Y. James Wilde of Dublin, Clerk to the Deputy Register, WD, WM W Reg [A]

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