1709-04-19: 5-452-2469: Fixer to Darroch et Ux

Source: Registry of Deeds, Ireland (Henrietta Street, Dublin). Memorial no. 5-452-2469: Fixer to Darroch et Ux (dated 19 April 1709; registered 14 November 1711). Microfilm copy held by the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Archival ref. FHL film no. 522806; digital image online at www.familysearch.org. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2018-12-31. Please cite your sources.

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[Title:] [1]
  No. 2469  A Memoriall of a Deed or Instrument to be registred pursuant to an Act of Parliament made in the [blank] Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Ann by the Grace of God of Great Britain France & Ireland Queen Defender of the Faith &c.

[Notes in margin:]
Fixer to Darroch et Ux [2]
Reg'rd [3] the 14'th day of Nov'r 1711 at 6 o Clock in the Afternoon

[Body of memorial:]
  A Deed or Instrument under Hand and Seal dated the Nineteenth day of April in the Year of our Lord God One Thousand and Seven Hundred & Nine [4]

… Setting forth and declaring that the Lands of Rafeenan Aghaderry and Aghnaver [5] in the County of Monaghan Descended to Ann and Martha Daughters & Coheirs of Samuel Fixer deced [deceased]

… That Ann marryed Rob't Darroch of Rafeenan in the County aforesaid

… That the said Robert and Anne [sic] his Wife and the said Martha voluntarily came to a Partition or Division of the said Lands by Deed bearing date equall with the said Instrument

… Whereby the said Lands of Aghaderry & Aghnaver became the Share and Proportion on such partition of said Martha and is thereby setled [sic] on her and her Heires for ever

… The said Martha by said Deed or Instrument did for herself her Heires Ex'rs [Executors] and Adm'rs [Administrators] Covenant Grant and Agree to and with the said Robert darroch and Anne Darroch and their Heires in Consideration of her having said Lands of Aghaderry and Aghnaver given her as her Proportion that the said Robert and Anne and the survivor of them during their Naturall Lives and after their severall Deaths such Child or Children as shall be begotten between them the said Rob't & Ann and the longest liver of them or any other Child or Children which the said Anne shall ahve by any other Husband & no longer

… shall have full & free Liberty from time to time and so often as they or any of them shall think fitt to go into the Woods now Grown or hereafter shall grow Naturally on the said Lands of Aghaderry and Aghnaver and there Cut down & carry away all such Timber and underwood as they shall have occasion for Provided the same does not exceed one Moiety of such Woods and to have free Liberty of Egress & Regress through the said Lands of Aghaderry & Aghnaver & Liberty to carry off such Timber and Underwood as they shall cutt down or stubb up without being accountable to the said Martha her Heires Ex'rs Adm'rs or Assigns for the same

… Provided if said Martha or her Heires do upon Notice given them by said Rob't and Ann or their Heires lay out a Way Convenient to go through said Woods That then if the said Rob't & Anne or their Heires go of [sic] such Road whereby to prejudice the said Lands of Aghaderry and Aghnaver that then such Persons shall be accountable for such Trespass as shall be so comitted [sic]

… That George Macartney of Belfast in the County of Antrim Esq'r  Will'm Hair of ... in the County of Logford [sic] & Michael Teeling of the City of Dublin Gent are Subscribing Witnesses to the said Deed or Instrument.

… That Anne Darroch Wife of the [said] Rob't Darrock [sic] dyed since the perfection of the said Deed or Instrument

… In Witness whereof the said Robert Darragh [sic] hath hereunto sett his Hand & Seal the Twenty Seventh day of Aug't ano Dom [anno Domini] one Thousand Seven Hundred and Eleven

     _ R: Darragh (seal) _

… Signed and Sealed in the presence of

     _ Geo: Macartney _
     _ John Hamilton _

… George Macartney of Belfast in the County of Antrim Esq'r maketh Oath that he is a Subscribing Witness to the above Mem'll [Memorial] and saw the Deed therein mentioned duly perfected by all the Parties thereto on the day the same bears date this Dep't [Deponent] being a Subscribing Witness thereto and this Dep't saw the said Rob't Darroch Sign & Seal the above Mem'll

… Jur cor me apud Monaghan in Com Monaghan in Circuit meo 27° die Augusti ann Dom 1711

     Hen. Echlin _

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Transcriber's notes:


The transcriber's comments or editing marks are enclosed [within square brackets].


et Ux.: Latin, trans. "and wife."


An apostrophe indicates that the letter or letters following were raised, or written in superscript, in the original text.


This transcript includes paragraph breaks whereas the original text appears as one paragraph without any indentation.


Rafeenan townland, in the parish of Tedavnet and barony of Monaghan; Aghaderry and Aghnavar townlands, in the parish of Errigal Trough and the barony of Trough.

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