Memorials of Irish deeds

The scope of this record set includes those surnames of particular interest to my Irish family history research, and also extends to a general survey of the following parishes in the Barony of Dungannon in county Tyrone:

  • Barony of Dungannon Lower – Aghaloo, Carnteel, Killeeshil;
  • Barony of Dungannon Middle – Clonfeacle, Clonoe, Donaghendry, Donaghmore, Drumglass, Killyman, Pomeroy, Tullyniskan; and
  • Barony of Dungannon Upper – †Arboe, †Ardtrea, †Ballinderry, Ballyclog, †Derryloran, Desertcreat, Kildress, †Lissan, †Tamlaght.
    †These parishes straddle the border between counties Derry and Tyrone.

However, a number of Memorials (which were studied for possible relevance to the study objectives outlined above) for other Baronies in the county of Tyrone and other counties throughout Ireland have been indexed and are also presented.

This is a long-term work in progress.

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