Jones in the Tithe Applotments, 1834

The following Jones heads of household were recorded in the Tithe Applotment books for the parish of Drumcree:

  • Capt., Kilmarearty [Kilmoriarty]
  • Francis, Derryvane
  • James, Ballyworkin [Ballyworkan]
  • John, Corbrackey
  • John, Derryanville
  • Ralph, Corbrackey
  • Ralph, Derrycorry
  • Ralph, Derryvane
  • Robert, Corbrackey
  • Robert, Drumcree
  • Thomas, Corbrackey
  • Thomas, Derryanville
  • Widow, Derryanville
  • William, Derryanville
  • William, Foy More

The following Jones heads of household were recorded in the parish of Seagoe:

  • Charles, Drumgor
  • James, Ballyhannon
  • James, Moyraverty
  • John, Crossmecaghley [Crossmacahilly]
  • John, Drumgor
  • Vaul [Valentine?], Moyraverty
  • Widow, Lisnamintery    

… and in the parish of Kilmore:

  • Thomas, Drumard Jones
  • William, sen., Drumard Jones
  • William, jun., Drumard Jones

The map, below, illustrates the townlands in which these households were located:


Jones in the 1834 Tithe Applotment Books,
located in the eastern portion of north Armagh.
Source for map: 
Adapted by Alison Kilpatrick from
© OpenStreetMap contributors (Open Database Licence CC BY-SA).
Online at (accessed 2017-07-02).

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