1864–1929: John Sloan & William John Sloan in Ballynagowan


  • Griffith, Richard. General Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland…Union of Lurgan…County of Armagh. Holdings by John Sloan and his son, William John, 1864–1929, in Ballynagowan townland, parish of Drumcree. Dublin: Alex. Thom and Sons, 1865. Digital images online, www.askboutireland.com (accessed 2019-03-24). Tables and map hosted online by Ask About Ireland, askaboutireland.ie (accessed by Alison Kilpatrick, 2019-03-24).
  • Hayes, John. Griffith's Valuation of Ireland – Drumcree, County Armagh. Index online, www.failteromhat.com/griffiths/armagh/drumcree.php.
  • Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast). Valuation Revision Books. Archival refs. VAL/12/B/14/6C (1894–1907; pp 294-5), .../6D (1906–1920; pp 6–7), and .../6E (1920–29; pp 6–7), County of Armagh, Barony of O'Neilland West, Parish of Drumcree, Union of Lurgan, Electoral Division of Drumcree, Ballynagowan townland: Parcels 1.B.E. and 5AaBC held by John Sloan from Stewart Blacker (lessor) and subsequently the Representatives of Stewart Blacker; assumed by William John Sloan in 1914. Digital images online at www.nidirect.gov.uk/information-and-services/search-archives-online/valuation-revision-books (accessed and transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, 2019-03-24).


1. Griffith’s Valuation (pub.1865): Heads of household in Ballynagowan  townland: Henry Sloan, and John Sloan

2. Valuation Revision Books re: John Sloan's son, William John Sloan, in Ballynagowan townland, parish of Drumcree, Barony of ONeilland West, Union of Lurgan, Electoral Division of Drumcree, County of Armagh:

— In 1914, a few years after the death of his father, William John Sloan assumed the occupancy of five small holdings in Ballynagowan townland. The Valuation Office records from 1894 through 1929 list the following holdings:

— 1894–1907:

  • County of Armagh, Barony of ONeilland West, Parish of Drumcree, Union of Lurgan
  • Rural District of Lurgan, Electoral Division of Drumcree, Ballnagowan townland
  • Parcel refs. 1.B.E. 5AaBC
  • Occupier: John Sloan
  • Immediate lessor: Stewart Blacker
  • Description: House, office, and land
  • ... The several parcels were combined into one line in 1906, comprising Land of 8A 0R 10P
  • Valuation: Land £8 10s 0d; Buildings £1 5s 0d; Total £9 15s 0d.

— 1906–1920:

  • County of Armagh, Union of Lurgan, Townland of Ballynagowan, O.S. 9.5, Rural District of Lurgan, Electoral Division of Drumcree
  • ... All items the same, except in 1906 when William John Sloan assumed occupancy and by that time, the immediate lessors were the Representatives of Stewart Blacker.

— 1920–1929:

  • ... All items were the same, except that the valuation was broken out into two lines: (1) Land 8A 0R 10P: £8 10s 0d; Building £0 10s 0d; (2) Building, only: £0 15s 0d; Total valuation £9 15s 0d.

Ordnance Survey map of Ballynagowan townland (1864), adapted to highlight the holdings enumerated above.


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