Griffith's Valuation, 1848-1865, & Valuation Revision Books, 1865ff

This section features transcripts of Sir Richard Griffith's ordnance survey, conducted between 1848–65, of lands and premises occupied by various of our ancestors and related individuals.

  • 1853-06-28: James Jackson Marshall, parish of Killabban, Queen's county
  • 1853-06-29: Rev. Joseph Marshall, parish of Loughkeen, co. Tipperary
  • 1860-07-13: Rev. Joseph Marshall, parish of Tullyniskan, co. Tyrone
  • 1864-07-21: Flavell, Jones, and Gilmore households in Corbrackey townland, parish of Drumcree, county Armagh
  • 1865-06-01: Rev. Joseph Marshall's holdings in county Armagh
  • 1864-07-21: Jones households in the parish of Drumcree, co. Armagh
  • 1864–1929: Sloan households in Ballynagowan, parish of Drumcree
  • 1864–1907: Taylor households in Derrycarne, parish of Drumcree
  • 1864–1911: Conn & Flavell in Kilmoriarty, parish of Drumcree, co. Armagh
  • 1864–1929: Jones, parish of Drumcree, in the Valuation Revision Books

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