The following is a list of research conundrums, pertaining to the descendants of the Flavell families in north Armagh and counties Down and Tyrone:

  • Elizabeth “Lizzie” Flavell (b.1863), daughter of George Flavell (1816–1898) of Corbrackey, parish of Drumcree, county Armagh, and Ellen Hall (d.1865), his wife:—No trace has been found of Lizzie Flavell after her father left her a bequest of £5 in 1901.
  • Thomas Henry Flavell (b.1865), son of Thomas Flavell, jun. (1826–1912) of Corbrackey, and Elizabeth Conn (c.1837–1901), his wife:—No trace has been found of Thomas Henry Flavell (b.1865) after a news account published in the Portadown News in 1910.

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