The following is a list of research conundrums, pertaining to the Huggins family of Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone:

  • In search of the maternal line of John Joseph Huggins (1816-1876), born in the parish of Aghaloo, county of Tyrone: who was his mother, and where did her family live?
  • Margaret Tynan née Huggins was the widow of Thomas Tynan, and the daughter of John Joseph Huggins (1816–1876) and Margaret Jane Burke (1823–1898); she was born on the island of Saint Helena. Margaret continued to live at Winchester with her sister, Mary Ann Quinn (widow of Patrick). No trace has been found of Margaret Tynan after the 1901 census was enumerated in England.
  • No trace has been found of Margaret Stansley, wife of Thomas Stansley. The surname appears to have been spelt variously Stainsley and Stansly, and also to have been a misspelling of Stainsby. As the niece of the late Anne Jane Rodgers, née Huggins (d.1893), Margaret Stansley was probably the daughter of James Huggins, jun. (d.1849) of Glenkeen and his second wife, Mary Ann.
  • Of the nine children born to Samuel Carson Huggins (b. bef.1784, d.1850) and Mary Huggins (d.1865), the following could not be traced:
    • Matilda (b.1809), after her name appears in a deed in 1863;
    • Thomas (b.1813); and,
    • Mary (b.1818).
  • Of the six children born to Samuel Carson Huggins (1825–1865) and Anne Eliza Crozier (c.1825–1900), no trace has been found of William, who was born at Dungannon in 1863.
  • Who was the mysterious niece, named Mary Ann Huggins, who was present at the death of Laetitia Huggins, Main street, Strabane, on the 19th March 1890?


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