William Ledlie, sen. (c.1705–c.1769) of Carnan

This page provides a family tree outline for the descendants of William Ledlie, sen., of Carnan, and Mary Hamilton of Monclone, parish of Ballymore, county Armagh. Except for those labelled “next generation, the links open in new windows and lead to records, blog articles, or biographical sketches and timelines. The numbered footnotes, [1][2], etc.are linked to source references at the bottom of this page.

Family outline:

William Ledlie, sen. (d.c.1769), of Carnan [1] [2]
… son of James Ledlie (d.1750) of Carnan and Isabella Darragh

… m.

Mary Hamilton of Monclone, county Armagh, [1] [3]
… daughter of Robert Hamilton and Margaret, his wife

Children of William Ledlie, sen., and Mary Hamilton:

  • Anne Ledlie [1] m.1748. (1) Robert Speer (d.1754) of Stewartstown, [4][5];
    had issue, Solomon Speer (1749–1770) [6]
    m.1759 (2) Robert Crawford of Castledawson [7]

  • Margaret Ledlie
    ☛ next generation (

  • Andrew Ledlie, M.D. (d.c.1796), of Easton, Pennsylvania

  • Joshua Ledlie (d.1774)

  • Isabella Ledlie (b.c.1755), [1]
    m.1776 (1) Rev. James Aiken of Ballycastle, co. Antrim (d.bef.1786) [8]
    m.c.1786 (2) Rev. George Simpson (d.1820) of Loughgall, co. Armagh [9][10]
    next generation

  • William Ledlie, jun.
    ☛ next generation (

  • George Ledlie
    ☛ next generation (

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