John Ledlie, jun. (c.1676–1746) of Carnan, county Tyrone

This page provides a family tree outline for the descendants of John Ledlie, jun., of Carnan townland in the parish of Ardboe, county Tyrone. Except for those labelled “next generation, the links open in new windows and lead to records, blog articles, or biographical sketches and timelines. The numbered footnotes, [1][2], etc.are linked to source references at the bottom of this page.

Family outline:

John Ledlie, jun. (1676–1746) of Carnan [1] [2] [3]
… son of John Ledlie, sen., of Legoniel, co. Antrim, and Carnan, co. Tyrone [2]

… m. firstly,

Elizabeth White (b. bef.1677, d.1716)[3] [4]
… daughter of John White, sen. (d.1693), of Antrim, by his second wife. [4]

Children of John Ledlie, jun., and Elizabeth White:

  • Mary White (1701–1714) [3]
  • John? Ledlie [1]
    Existence doubtful, or died young: an indenture of lease, dated 3rd May 1737, cited Gilbert Ledlie (below) as the third son of John Ledlie. [12]
  • Esther Ledlie (1710–1714) [3]

m. secondly,

Sarah Kennedy (c.1678–1729), [5]
… daughter of the Rev. Thomas Kennedy (1625–1714) of Carland, and Mary O’Brien (c.1651–1721) of The Bonn, near Pomeroy, both of county Tyrone. [5] [6] [7] [8]

Children of John Ledlie, jun., and Sarah Kennedy:

  • Jane Ledlie (c.1717–1791) [10] [11]
    ☛ next generation (pending)

  • Thomas Ledlie (c.1719–1784) [13]
    ☛ next generation (pending)

  • William Ledlie (1722–1742) [3] [9]
    ☛ next generation (pending)

  • Gilbert Ledlie (c.1722–) [9] [12]
    ☛ next generation (pending)

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‡ The year was 1716, per a photograph taken of this tablet by Jonathan Gray, 19 December 2018.


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