Huggins of Glenarb

This section of Arborealis presents a series of family tree outlines for the various branches descending from John Huggins (d.1741) of Glenarb in the parish of Aghaloo and county of Tyrone, Ireland.

  • Descendants of John Huggins (d.1741)
  • Huggins–Burke: John Joseph Huggins (1816-1876), of Caledon, county Tyrone, and Margaret Jane Burke (1823-1898), of Tralee, county Kerry: three generations of descendants, report prepared 2015-06-07
  • Huggins–Cole: George Melbourne Huggins (1861–1928) and Florence Isoletta C0le (1870–1955) of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and their family
  • Huggins–Sublett of Woodford County, Kentucky: that is, the immediate family of Mary Sublett (1810–1897), wife of James Huggins of Versailles

Ancestor charts:

Related surnames:

If you have a family history connection to a Huggins family from the county of Tyrone in Ireland—or if you have information to add to the family trees presented here—please consider getting in touch via the contact page.


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