Descendants of Valentine Jones (d.~1759) of Lisburn

Source: Kilpatrick, Alison. Draft family tree, depicting the descendants of Valentine Jones (d.~1759) of Lisburn, county Antrim (2017-07-05).

Genealogical outline (not intended to be exhaustive) –

  1. Valentine Jones of Kilmoriarty (d.~1693) m. Elizabeth.
    … their issue –
    1. John Jones of Kilmoriarty
    2. Valentine Jones of Lisburn (d.~1759) m.1715 Mary, daughter of Richard Close, Esq., and Mary Waring of Drumbanagher
      1. Valentine Jones of Lisburn (1711–1805) m.1726 Mary, daughter of Louis Rochet, a Huguenot emigrant to Lisburn
        1. Valentine Jones (1727–1808), formerly of Barbados, m. Katherine (1733–1806), daughter of John and Mabella Moore of county Antrim
        2. Conway Jones m. Mary Wray Todd
          1. William Todd Jones
        3. Henrietta (d.1814) m. Edward Gayer (d.1799) of Derryaghy, Esq., son of the Rev. Philip Gayer (1698–c.1757), Vicar of Derryaghy, and Agnes, daughter of the Rev. Henry Echlin
        4. Catherine m.1754 William Watts Gayer of Dublin, son of the Rev. Philip Gayer and Agnes Echlin
        5. Jane m. John Galt Smith (1730–1802) of Coleraine
          1. Margaret Smith (1775–1844)
          2. Edward Jones Smith (1780–1859)
        6. Charlotte m.1757 Richard Archbold of Lisburn, Esq.
        7. Henrietta
          1. Edward, a Major in the 67th Regiment
          2. Mary m. Mr. Wolfenden
    3. Sarah Jones

Note: Lieut.-Col. Valentine Jones Graeme of Kilmoriarty appears to have been a Valentine Jones of Kilmoriarty whose will was proved in 1693. See Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast). Leases perfected by Lieut.-Col. Valentine Jones Graeme of Oldbury Court House, Gloucestershire, regarding Kilmoriarty, county Armagh, 1827–36. PRONI ref. D1252/27/4. e-Catalogue entry, online at

Link to biographical notes for the several Valentine Joneses of Lisburn.

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