Descendants of Thomas Jones (d.1808) of Derryanvil

Source: Kilpatrick, Alison. Draft family tree, depicting the descendants of Thomas Jones (d.1808) of Derryanvil, parish of Drumcree, county Armagh (2017-07-05); reciting:

Preparer’s note: This is a first draft, only.

  1. Thomas Jones of Derryanvil (d.1808)
    … his children,
    1. William Jones (1750–1823)
      1. William Jones, jun., m. Ann
        … their children
        1. William (b.1810)
        2. Thomas (b.1812)
        3. Mary (b.1815) m. Moses Gilmore of Druminalduff
          1. Rachel Mary (b.1855), our greatgrandmother
    2. Thomas Jones, jun.
      … his children,
      1. Hugh Jones
      2. Jane Taylor née Jones
      3. John
      4. William
      5. Mary Dawson née Jones
    3. Daughter m. John Jackson
    4. Daughter m. William Wright

 In Thomas’ will, proven in 1808, it isn’t clear from the handwritten abstract whether William Wright was the son-in-law of Thomas, sen., or Thomas, jun.

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