Family of Benjamin Jones of Derryanvil (d.1889)

Source: Kilpatrick, Alison. Draft outline of the family of Benjamin Jones (d.1889) of Derryanvil, parish of Drumcree, county Armagh (2017-07-07); reciting:

  • Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast). Will of Benjamin Jones of Derryanvil, parish of Drumcree, county Armagh, who died 28th January 1889; date granted, 16 March 1889. Digital images online at (accessed 2017-07-07). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.
  • and other sources which are cited throughout this section entitled,
    Jones of Derryanvil, parish of Drumcree.

Preparer’s note: This is a collection of notes, only.

Family members recited in the will, in the order recited:

  • Testator: Benjamin Jones (d.1889) of Derryanvil
  • His brother’s son, Benjamin Jones, living with him
  • John Jones of Manchester, England - relationship not stated
    —> there are a great many Irish John Joneses enumerated at Manchester in the 1891 census.
  • His eldest son, Robert Jones, living in Belfast [implying, perhaps, that John of Manchester was another son?]
  • Mary Jane Harris of Derryanvil - relationship not stated [his daughter?] … not found in the parish of Drumcree in the 1901 census. Two marriage index entries in the Lurgan RD:
    • Mary Jane Jones, 1872, 1st Q, vol. 1, pg. 869
    • Mary Jane Jones, 1873, 1st Q, vol. 1, pg. 825
    • … but no corresponding entries for a male Harris
  • Mary An Mercer of Portadown - relationship not stated
  • His brother’s wife, Latica Jones, for whose maintenance Benjamin provided in his will
  • William Jones of Derryanvil, one of the witnesses (but which William?)

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