William Huggins (d.1802) of Coalisland and Gortgonis

  • Name: William Huggins … please note that most links open in new windows.
  • Variant spellings: unknown, though Huggins was often misspelt as Higgins
  • Title: Esq. or Gent.
  • Birth: c.1749, probably at Glenarb in the parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone, the home of his father. Year of birth estimated from eleven children born during a sixteen-year period between 1739, the year of his parents’ marriage, and c.1756, the year of his father’s death.
  • Father: John Huggins (d.1756) of Glenarb
  • Mother: Letitia Kennedy (1718–1897) of Gortnaglush, parish of Donaghmore
  • Siblings: (i) John Huggins (c.1740–c.1795) of Glenarb
    (ii) James Huggins (c.1742–1788) of Calcutta, West Bengal
    (iii) Kennedy Huggins (c.1743–1772?) of Glenarb
    (iv) Thomas Huggins (c.1748–1788) of Head of Elk, Maryland, USA
    … William Huggins (d.1802) of Coalisland and Gortgonis was the fifth child.
    (vi) Elizabeth Huggins (c.1750–)
    (vii) Galbraith or Gilbert Huggins (c.1751–)
    (viii) Anne or Agnes Huggins (c.1753–)
    (ix) Joseph Huggins (c.1755–)
  • Education: not known
  • Religion: Presbyterian
  • Church: not known; possibly Brigh, Moy, or Dungannon congregations
  • Military: not known
  • Organizations: not known
  • Residence: (i) Glenarb until adulthood; (ii) Englishtown in Annamoy townland, parish of Eglish, county Armagh (1791–1794); (iii) Coalisland and Gortgonis in the parish of Tullyniskan, county Tyrone
  • Occupation: not known—but probably a merchant in coal, linen, and/or general merchandise
  • Other milestones: —
  • Emigration: not applicable
  • Travel: at the very least, to Scotland where he and Sarah Kennedy married
  • Achievements: —
  • Major events: —
  • Legal ☛ see biographical sketch for summary of deeds executed.
  • Illness: unknown; however, a lot of Huggins males, and some of the women, died early in life, suggesting heart disease which was documented in civil registrations from the mid-19th century forward.
  • Death: c.1802
  • Burial: not known
  • Spouse: Sarah, daughter of James Kennedy of Cookstown, Apothecary
  • Marriage: 22nd August 1792 at Denovan in Stirlingshire, Scotland
  • Children: (i) John Alexander Huggins (c.1794–1858)
    (ii) Margaret Huggins (born c.1795)
    (iii) Dr. William Huggins (c.1797–1868)
    (iv) James Huggins (c.1797–1863)
    (v) Thomas C. Huggins (c.1800–1858)
  • Associates: in the execution of deeds, primarily his wife Sarah Kennedy’s family in Gortnaglush, Cookstown, and Coalisland
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