William Stevenson, jun., of Edinburgh

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  • 1747-01-22: The last will and testament  [1] of Capt. James Stevenson of Stewartstown, grandfather to William, was proved. By his will, Capt. James bequeathed to William the lands and tenements in the town of Lurgan, which he purchased from John Towlerton in 1738, [2] and which were, in 1747, in the possession of Phelemy McCartney and Patrick Nelson (or Wilson), and a meadow in Knockshane, or Knocknashane, townland. Capt. Stevenson stipulated further that, if William died before he came of age or married without his father's consent, then this legacy would go to his (Capt. Stevenson's) grandson, James; also, that William would pay to each of his four sisters the sum of £50.
  • 1757-10-17: Memorial no. 192-167-127009 – an indenture of assignment whereby, for the consideration of £100, William Stevenson assigned his leaseholds in Graham's Tenement in Lurgan and in Knocknashane (the latter comprising twenty-six English acres) to James Menagh of Lurgan, with a clause of redemption. [3]
    ☛ One of the witnesses to this deed was James Stevenson of Stewartstown, William's elder brother.
  • 1758-12-08: Memorial no. 194-472-131138 – deeds of lease and release whereby William Stevenson of Edinburgh demised his leasehold of twenty acres (English measure) in Drumgor, parish of Seagoe, to James Stephenson of Killyfaddy, county Armagh. James Stevenson of Stewartstown was also a party to the transaction. [4]
  • 1759-12-08: Memorial no. 195-471-131137 – deeds of lease and release executed by William Stevenson of Edinburgh of the first part, James Stephenson the younger of Killyfaddy, county Armagh of the second part, and James Stevenson of Stewartstown of the third part—whereby for the considerations mentioned in the deed, William Stevenson conveyed his right and title to the leasehold in Killeneharvey townland, also known as Mullalelis, in the parish of Kilmore, county Armagh, to James Stephenson the younger. [5]
  • 1760-08-22: Memorial no. 224-616-149314 – a deed of release whereby, for the considerations mentioned in the deed, William Stevenson and James Stevenson the younger of Stewartstown, Gents., grandsons of the late James Stevenson of Stewartstown, merchant, released lands in and near Lurgan (which their grandfather had purchased from John Toulerton and subsequently bequeathed to William and James the younger) to James Menagh of Lurgan. [6]
  • ... more calendar entries are pending ...


Sources and notes:


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