Latticia Stevenson (1700-1730) and Hugh Sharp of Ballinacory


  • [Date not known]: Latticia, daughter of Capt. James Stevenson of Stewartstown, married Hugh Sharp of Ballinacory. [1]
    ☛ This townland has not been found in the usual resources for townland names. It might have been Ballynacroy, parish of Desertcreat, co. Tyrone.
  • 1730-10-(09?): Death of Latticia Sharp née Stevenson, aged 30 years. [2]
  • 1747-01-22: By his last will and testament, Capt. James Stevenson left his son in law, Hugh Sharp, a legacy of £40, and £20 to his children. [1]

Research questions:

Nothing more is known about this couple—the names of the children, where Hugh Sharp lived and died, his occupation, and whether he remarried.

This man may have been the Rev. Mr. Hugh Sharp, who had charge of the Presbyterian congregation at Coagh in the parish of Tamlaght. Of this man, Dr. W.D. Killen wrote:

     Mr. David Thomb … died in this charge on the 6th of
   October, 1726. He was succeeded by Mr. Hugh Sharp, who
   was ordained here on the 6th of June, 1732, after a
   vacancy of nearly six years. In 1751 the people applied
   to the Synod for supplies, Mr. Sharp having become infirm.
   He died on the 7th of February, 1753. [3]

The Sharp surname occurred throughout this part of county Tyrone, and in south Derry. A timeline summary for the early to mid-eighteenth century follows, though the list is not exhaustive:

  • 1708 – 1710: The Records of the Synod of Ulster recorded a petition from the inhabitants of Coagh and Ballinderry for a new church. Nicholas Sharp was one of the advocates for the new church, while representatives from local congregations lodged grievances. James Stevenson and Robert Speir appeared for Ballyclog congregation (at Brigh), while others stood for Moneymore congregation. [4] 
  • 1713-02-26: Hugh Sharp of Dunman, parish of Derryloran – his will was proved (Diocese of Armagh). [5]
  • 1714-06-17: Nicholas Sharp of Ballinderry, county Londonderry – his will was proved (Diocese of Armagh) [5]
  • [Undated]: The name of Hugh Sharp appears as a Lieutenant of the Militia raised in the district of Moneymore. [6]
  • 1733-11-20: Samuel Sharp of Stewartstown – his will was proved (Diocese of Armagh). [5]
  • 1740: The list of Protestant Householders [5] includes the names of:
    • Mr. Sharp, parish of Ballinderry, co. Londonderry
    • Mr. Sharp, parish of Derryloran, co. Tyrone
    • Widow Sharp, parish of Derryloran, co. Tyrone
    • Henry Sharp, Desertmartin, co. Londonderry
  • 1764: Thomas Sharpe of Moneymore, co. Londonderry – his will was proved (Diocese of Armagh) [5]
  • 1766: The Religious Census [5] includes the names of:
    • John Sharp, Desertmartin, co. Londonderry (Established Church)
    • John Sharp, Tamnaskeeny, parish of Kildress, co. Tyrone (Protestant)
    • William Sharp, Ballyronan More, parish of Ardtrea, co. Derry (EC)
    • William Sharp, Desertmartin, co. Londonderry (EC)

Recommendations for research:

  • Look up Diocesan marriage licence bonds.
  • There are several Memorials of Irish deeds which recorded the Sharp surname in Stewartstown and the parishes of Arboe and Clonoe during the mid to late 1700s. Copies have been obtained and are pending transcription.


Sources and notes:


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