Robert Stephenson of Dublin (d.1797)

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  • 1748-02-04: Memorial no. 134-164-90437 – a deed of assignment whereby John Clark of Maghera conveyed several townlands to John Stephenson and Robert Stephenson of Killyfaddy, county Armagh. The affected townlands included Legmurn, parish of Ballyclog; Trickvallan, parish of Arboe; and Aughrimderg, Killeen, and Lisaclare, parish of Clonoe. [1]
    ☛ One of the witnesses was James Stephenson of Killyfaddy.
  • 1749-04-28: Memorial no. 138-339-93450 – an indented deed of assignment whereby, for the consideration of £142 5s 6p, Mary McGown orse Gage of Coagh, parish of Tamlaght, conveyed to Robert Stephenson, now of Dublin, merchant, one-half of Lanaglug townland in the parish of Ballinderry, Barony of Upper Dungannon. [2]
    ☛ One of the witnesses was John Stephenson of Killyfaddy.
  • 1757-08-05: In an advertisement published in the Belfast News-Letter, Robert Stephenson of Dublin, merchant, was designated to receive proposals for the sale, by publick cant, of the lands of Gallow-hill near Antrim. [3]
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Sources and notes:


Registry of Deeds, Dublin. Memorial no. 134-164-90437: Clark to Stevenson & another (dated 4 Feb 1748, reg'd 9 Feb 1748). Copy per FHL film no. 522836. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, 2016-06-26, and submitted to, 2016-08-14.


Registry of Deeds, Dublin. Memorial no. 138-339-93450: McGown otherwise Gage to Stephenson (dated 28 April 1749, reg'd 22 Jan 1749). Copy per FHL film no. 560264. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, 2016-06-26, and submitted to, 2016-08-15.


Belfast News-Letter, 5 August 1757. "Robert Stephenson of Dublin, merchant." From an electronic copy held by (accessed 2016-01-15, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

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