Shuter of Drummond, parish of Pomeroy, county Tyrone

This section of Arborealis presents biographical sketches and timelines for the various branches of the Shuter family originating in the parishes of Donaghmore and Pomeroy in the county of Tyrone. The Shuter family of Drummond, parish of Pomeroy, was related to Huggins of Glenarb, and to Kennedy of Benburb.

  • 1733-07-31: James Templeton of Stewartstown executed a lease with David Sooter for lives renewable of 50 acres in Drumad or Drumard [Drummond] alias Killymuck, lying in the parishes of Desertcreaght and Donaghmore, now in the parish of Pomeroy.
  • ... more sketches and timelines are pending ...

Sources and notes:


Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast. James Templeton of Stewartstown to David Sooter of Drummond (Drumad or Drumard), county Tyrone, a lease for lives renewable of fifty acres, rental £11 5s 0d; dated 31 July 1733. PRONI ref. T877/41.

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