Map of occurrences of the Marshall name in Aghaloo & environs

This map depicts townlands in the parish of Aghaloo, with the towns of Aughnacloy (parish of Carnteel) northwest of Glendavagh townland,† and also Blackwatertown (parish of Clonfeacle) due east of Kilsannagh townland.‡
about 40% down the top edge of the map, left hand side.
about 40% down from the top edge of the map, right hand side.

At the bottom of the map is a key to the various townlands in which the Marshalls of Aghaloo lived—and also those of Grange and Drumgrannon townlands in the parish of Clonfeacle (top right hand corner)—and Huggins of Glenarb townland. Please note that these families did not necessarily possess leaseholds for entire townlands. Also, a connection has not yet been found (if, in fact, these branches were ever connected) between the Marshalls of Aghaloo and those of Grange and Drumgrannon in the parish of Clonfeacle.


Map of townlands in the parish of Aghaloo,
showing also the towns of Aughnacloy and Blackwatertown.

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 Original map © OpenStreetMap contributors,
who make these data available under the Open Database Licence.
The cartography is licensed as CC BY-SA.

Adapted by Alison Kilpatrick, 2016.

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