Draft family tree for Marshall of Aghaloo

The draft family "tree," below, compiles the data accumulated to date in the several timelines pages in this section. These data have been sorted by townland. The earliest reference dates to 1694, for Joseph Marshall, sen., of Annaghroe townland.

A few cautionary notes about this chart:

  • If a line has not been drawn between individuals, then the relationship is not yet known.
  • This chart will be updated from time to time, in order to reflect information from later deeds, newspaper accounts, church records, tithe applotments, and so on. This is, necessarily, a long term project.
  • Therefore, the chart, presented below, is in draft format.

Please note that the draft family tree for Marshall of the parish of Aghaloo has been removed. After several months additional research including a two-month study trip to Northern Ireland, major revisions to the document are pending.—(2018-01-20).


This page was first published on the 1st August 2016, and subsequently edited on 2016-08-03, -05, -06, -08, -15, -20; 2016-09-19, -22, -28, -29; 2016-10-02, -08, -25; 2016-11-21, -28; 2017-01-09, -14, 29; 2017-02-05.

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