Ledlie of Carnan, parish of Arboe, county Tyrone

This section of Arborealis presents biographical sketches and timelines for the descendants of James Ledlie (d.1694), emigrated from Scotland to Legoneil in the parish of Shankill and county of Antrim. The Ledlie family of Carnan, parish of Arboe, were related to both the Stevensons of Stewartstown and the Stephensons of Killyfaddy, co. Armagh.

This section is a work in progress.

See also:

  • Church lands held under the See of Armagh (of interest to Ledlie)
  • Clark of Maghera, county Derry (related surname)
  • Speer or Spear of the parish of Donaghenry (related surname)
  • Stephenson of Killyfaddy, county Armagh (related surname)
  • Stevenson of Stewartstown (related surname)

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