William Jones of Ballyworkan (1858–1906)

This man is probably not related to the Jones family of Derryanvil, unless from the long ago past of the early 17th century. After transcribing the 1901 census enumerations for Jones families in the 1901 census, I noticed that this man was absent in 1911 and that his wife’s marital status given as widow. The following chain of events explains what happened to Mr. Jones, including a few details of his surviving family.

In 1901, Mr. Jones’ family was enumerated in the census, as follows:

House no. 8.

  • William Jones, head of family, Methodist church, reads and writes, age 43, Farmer, married, born in county Armagh
  • Isabella, wife, Methodist church, reads and writes, age 28, married, born in county Armagh
  • Jane, daughter, do., reads and writes, age 6, do.
  • Lucy, daughter, do., cannot read, age 4, do.
  • Margorie, daughter, do., age 2, do.
  • John Stewart, son, do., age 10 months, do.

The family lived in a second class dwelling, having five rooms, four windows in the front of the house, and walls made of stone, brick, or concrete. The outbuildings included a stable, cow house, two calf houses, dairy, piggery, fowl house, two barns, potato house, and shed.
Source: National Archives of Ireland (Dublin). Census of Ireland of 1901. Digital images produced in partnership with Library and Archives Canada; census.nationalarchives.ie (accessed 2017-07-05). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, 2017-07-05.

In 1911, the family was enumerated as follows:

House no. 9.

  • Isabella Jones, head of family, Methodist Church, reads and writes, age 38, widow, 7 children born and 7 living, born in co. Armagh
  • Jennie, daughter, do., do., age 16, scholar, single, born in co. Armagh
  • Lucie, daughter, do., do., age 14, do., ...
  • Marjorie Eveline, daughter, do., do., age 12, do., ...
  • John Stewart, son, do., do., age 10, do., ...
  • Ethel Mary, daughter, do., do., age 8, do., ...
  • William Francis, son, do., do., age 7, do., ...
  • Edna Elizabeth, daughter, do., reads, age 5, do., …

The family lived in a second class house, having six rooms, four windows in front, and walls made of mud, wood, or other perishable materials. The outbuildings were numerous, including a stable, coach house, cow house, calf house, two piggeries, fowl house, boiling house, barn, turf house, potato house, and shed.
Source: National Archives of Ireland (Dublin). Census of Ireland of 1911. Digital images produced in partnership with Library and Archives Canada; census.nationalarchives.ie (accessed 2017-07-05). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, 2017-07-05.

Mr. Jones’ death was reported in The Belfast News-Letter on 26 April 1906:

   Mr. William Jones, Portadown.
      The death occurred yesterday morning, at Ballyworkan,
   near Portadown, of Mr. William Jones, from the effects of
   injuries accidentally received on Eastern Monday. He was
   throwing a harrow out of a cart when he lost his balance,
   and fell on to the harrow, some of the spikes of which
   entered his body. Since then he had been attended by Drs.
   Rowlett and Darling, but not withstanding their skilful
   treatment he succumbed to his injuries. Deceased was a
   large and successful farmer, and was widely known as a
   breeder and exhibitor of prize cattle. He was for some
   years a member of the Lurgan Rural Council. His early
   death under such sad circumstances is sincerely lamented,
   and the deepest sympathy is felt for his widow and family.
       SourceBelfast News-Letter, 26 April 1906, pg. 8. “Mr. William Jones,
       Portadown.” Digital image online at britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk
       (accessed 2017-07-06, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

This tragic turn of events is borne out by the civil registration of the death:

  • Superintendent Registrar’s District: Lurgan.
  • Registrar’s District: Portadown
  • No. 497.
  • Date and place of death: 25th April [1906], Ballyworkan
  • Name and surname: William Jones
  • Sex: Male
  • Condition: Married
  • Age, last birthday: 48 years
  • Rank, profession, or occupation: Farmer
  • Certified cause of death and duration of illness: Lacerated wound of chest (left side) 10 days Tetanus 3 days Certified
  • Informant: William G. Hewitt, present at death, Garvaghy House, Portadown
  • When registered: 22d April 1906
  • Registrar: James L. Rowlett
    Source: General Register Office, Ireland. Civil registration of the death of William Jones of Ballyworkan, Lurgan (co. Armagh) R.D., 25 April 1906. Digital image online at Irish Genealogy, hosted by the Ministry of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, www.irishgenealogy.ie (accessed 2017-07-06).

Mrs. Jones appears to have carried on with the business of farming and participating in agricultural shows. For example, see: “Portadown Agricultural Society,” in the 20th September 1907 edition of the Belfast Telegraph (pg. 5); “Royal Ulster Agricultural Society.–Show of Pedigree Shorthorns,” in the 16th March 1911 edition of the Belfast Newsletter (pg. 4); and “Portadown Agricultural Society,” in the 6th June 1913 edition of the Northern Whig (pg. 2).
Source: Findmypast Newspaper Archive Ltd. The British Newspaper Archive. Digital images online at britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk (accessed 2017-07-06, by subscription).

Mrs. Jones’ death was reported in The Belfast News-Letter on 28 February 1942:

      Jones——February 26, 1942. Isabella, widow of William
   Jones, Ballyworkan, Portadown. House and funeral private.
   No flowers, please.
       SourceBelfast News-Letter, 28 February 1942, pg. 1. Death notice for Isabella,
       widow of William Jones of Ballyworkan. Digital image online at findmypast.co.uk
       (accessed 2017-07-06, by subscription). Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick.

… followed by this index entry from the PRONI’s Will Calendars online:

  • Title: Mrs.
  • Surname: Jones
  • Forename: Isabella
  • Registry: Belfast
  • Date of death: 26 February 1942
  • Date of grant: 31 August 1943
  • Effects £57 10s 0d
  • Full abstract: Jones Isabella of Ballyworkan Portadown county Armagh widow died 26 February 1942 Administration Belfast 31 August to Lucie Jones spinster. Effects £57 10s.
    Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast). Will Calendars. Online apps.proni.gov.uk (accessed 2017-07-06).

Similar index entries may be found for Jones of Ballyworkan in the PRONI’s Will Calendars online, and more news articles pertaining to this family in the British Newspaper Archive, also online.

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