Valentine Jones of Lisburn

In compiling these notes about the several Valentine Joneses of Lisburn, the primary purpose was to explore whether he was related to the Jones of Derryanvil.

The will of Valentine Jones of Kilmoriarty, proved in 1693, mentions a son, Valentine (jun.). The following questions are suggested:

  • Was Valentine Jones of Lisburn the son of Valentine, sen., of Kilmoriarty?
    probably, but proof is pending (and might not be found).
  • Was this branch related to the Joneses of Derryanvil?
    unknown, and again, evidence–one way or the other–might not be found.

It may well be the case that we’ve reached the limit of information available to solve these genealogical puzzles. In spite of these limitations, herewith follows a timeline for the Valentine Jones family of Lisburn, with a link to a draft genealogical outline—neither of which is intended to be exhaustive.

1715-11-06 – Valentine Jones, Esq. of Lisburn married Mary, daughter of Richard Close, Esq. and Mary Waring of Drumbanagher on 6 November 1715.
Source: Burke, Bernard. Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain & Ireland. 6th ed. London: Harrison, 1882.

1716-03-01 – Mary Jackson, probate of her will. Connor will made 1 March 1716/17, proved 12 November 1717. Mary Jackson of Lisburn, County Antrim, widow, to be buried in Derryaghy church, all to only child Mary Jackson, if she dies a minor then to brother Richard Peers, children of dead brother Edward Peers and children of brother-in-law Valentine Jones, clothes to sister-in-law Jane Peers and my aunt Blacker the executor. Witness: Penelope Merrifield. Administration to Valentine Jones of Lisburn in trust for Mary Jackson, minor daughter of testatrix. Connor administration bond signed 2 November 1717 by Valentine Jones and Samuel Close, both of Lisburn. That said Jones will truly administer above will. Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. PRONI refs. T593/1, T808/8242. Transcribed and posted by Sharon Oddie Brown to her website, (30 March 2009). Sharon states that Valentine Jones married a sister of Mary Jackson.
☛ There is a mystery in the designation of Valentine Jones (who died c.1759) as the brother-in-law of Mary Jackson of Lisburn who died c.1716. Mary’s brother was Richard Peers, another brother was Edward (deceased), her sister-in-law was Jane Peers, and she left an only child, Mary—on behalf of whom Valentine Jones was charged with administering the estate.

1723-01-13 – Valentine Jones was one of the executors of the will of Meredith Workman of Mahon, parish of Drumcree. Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast). PRONI ref. T281/1/10. e-Catalogue entry, online at
☛ The abstract does not cite a domicile for Valentine Jones: the original document should be examined.

1726 – Marriage of Valentine Jones, jun., “a Belfast business man” (and tender in years) to Mary, daughter of Louis Rochet, a Huguenot who came to Lisburn in 1697. Extract from Joyce E. Best’s book, The Huguenot Weavers Come to Lisburn: The Story of the Lost Colony (Belfast: Lisburn Historical Society, 1997):

  Mary Rochet, daughter of Louis Rochet (d.1726), a Huguenot who came to Lisburn in 1697, married Valentine Jones, described as “a Belfast business man.* She was described as "Mrs. Mary Jones, a lively French lady." 16 Although busy with five children, she was a philanthropist, and in 1779 a special vote of thanks was given for her generous present of a silver chalice to be used in the Infirmary. This was situated in Bow Street (then called Bow Lane) and was a well run institution. It had a committee chaired by the Bishop, a housekeeper, nurses and a porter. Mr. Wolfenden gave the blankets and Mrs. Jones the sheets and curtains. There was an inventory printed in the Cathedral magazine which included 4 bed pans, 8 pewter chamber pots, 4 lamps and 6 brass candlesticks, 4 iron snuffers, 6 extinguishers and 6 pewter basins, 4 pieces of floor meeting, 8 spitting boxes, trenchers, alchemy spoons, knives and forks, washing tubs and woolen night-caps.Two of Mrs. Jones' daughters married into the Goyer family of Derriaghy, and a third daughter, Jane, married John Gault of Coleraine. Her fifth daughter, Henrietta, had a son Edward, who became a Major in the 67th Regiment, and her daughter married a Wolfenden.

 In the year of the death of her father. Source: Lee, Grace Lawless. The Huguenot Settlements in Ireland. Baltimore, Maryland: Clearfield, 2006.

1731 – By Indenture of Lease bearing date 1731 William Todd demised the lands of Ballyhomra and Magheradartin, in the parish of Hillsborough, county Down, to Valentine Jones, of Lisburn, for 931 years. Source: Carson, James, ed. Some Extracts from the Records of Old Lisburn and the Manor of Killultagh. LVI. Online at An Extract of Reflection, (accessed 2017-07-05).

1753-08-21 – Marriage settlement for Conway Jones of Lisburn, Esq., and Mary Wray Todd of Dublin. Source: PRONI ref. D671/D/8/2/3A. e-Catalogue entry, online
☛ Mary was the second daughter of William Todd, who had demised the lands of Ballyhomra and Magheradartin to Conway’s father, Valentine Jones, in 1731. In 1790, William Todd Jones, the son of Conway Jones and Mary Wray Todd, sold these lands to Wills Hill, the first Marquis of Downshire. Source: Carson, James, ed. Some Extracts from the Records of Old Lisburn and the Manor of Killultagh. LVI. Online at An Extract of Reflection, (accessed 2017-07-05).

1754-12-19 – Marriage settlement perfected by the Rev. Philip Gayer of Derriaghy, Co. Antrim, and William Watts Gayer of Dublin, his eldest son, of the first part, Valentine Jones of Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Esq., and Catharine Jones, spinster, his daughter, of the second part, and John Peers and Conway Jones of Lisburn, Esqrs., of the third part. Source: PRONI ref. D4081/3/1/5. e-Catalogue entry, online

1757-10-22 – Marriage settlement perfected by Richard Archbold of Lisburn, Co. Antrim, esq., eldest surviving son of Robert Archbold of Davidstown, Co. Kildare, deceased, of the first part, Charlotte Jones of Lisburn, spinster, fourth daughter of Valentine Jones of Lisburn, of the second part, Conway Jones, doctor of physic, and William Watts Gayer, bachelor of law, both of Lisburn, of the third part.
Source: PRONI ref. D4081/3/1/6. e-Catalogue entry, online
☛ The e-Catalogue entry notes that the Rev. Anthony Trail married Agnes Gayer, daughter of William Watts Gayer and Catharine Jones.

1758 – Marriage of the daughter of Valentine Jones, Esq. of Lisburn, to Edward Gayer, Esq., clerk of the Irish House of Lords. Mr. and Mrs. Gayer resided at Derryaghy, near Lisburn. In 1772, Mrs. Gayer converted to Methodism.
Source: Crookshank, Charles Henry. History of Methodism in Ireland: Wesley and his times. Belfast: R.S. Allen, Son & Allen, 1885, pg. 262-3. 
☛ In the book, The Visitations of  Cornwall, comprising the Herald’s visitations of 1530, 1573, & 1620 (Exeter: William Pollard & Co., 1887), Mrs. Gayer’s forename was given as Henrietta, who died 25 March 1814, aged 82 years. Her husband, Edward, was Clerk to the Irish Parliament jointly with his brother, William Watts Gayer; Edward died 13 Sept 1799, aged 69 years. Edward and William were the sons of the Rev. Philip Gayer (1698-c1757), Vicar of Derriaghy, and Agnes, daughter of the Rev. Henry Echlin. (pg. 173).

1759 – The will of Valentine Jones of Lisburn was proved in 1759. Source: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast). PRONI ref. T581/7, pg. 8. e-Catalogue entry, online at

1790-05-01 – Assignment, Edward Obre and William Watts Gayer, both of Lisburn, esqrs, executors of will of Valentine Jones of Lisburn, to Hon. Richard Annesley of Dublin, esq.: property at Ballyhomra and Magheradartin, Co. Down; with memorial. Source: PRONI ref. D971/42/B/15. e-Catalogue entry, online
☛ The e-Catalogue entry notes that the Rev. Anthony Trail married Agnes Gayer, daughter of William Watts Gayer and Catharine Jones.

1805-03-22 – Death of Valentine Jones. Source: Find-a-Grave memorial no. 146512509. (2017-07-05).
☛ The age at death suggests 1711 was the year of birth, yet his parents were married in 1715. The inflation of the number of years attaching to a venerable elder was not an uncommon pracitce.

Gravestone inscription:
in memory of
Mr Valentine Jones
of the Town of Belfast Merchant
who lived respected and died lamented
by numerous descendants and friends
on the 22nd day of March 1805 Aged 94 years
and was here buried in the same grave
with his Son-in-Law
John Galt Smith
Who died on the 14th Dec’r 1802 Aged 72 years
And of Margaret Smith
Daughter of John Galt Smith
who died on the 1st Feb’y 1844 Aged 69 years
Also of Edward Smith
Son of Edward James Smith who in Monte-Video
South America on 4th January 1844
was after a short illness cut of in the prime
of his life Aged 33 years
And of their Mother Jane Smith
Daughter of Hugh Crawford of Orangefield,
who died 9th December 1838 Aged 71 years
Also of her Husband
Edward Jones Smith
Son of John Galt Smith
Grandson of Valentine Jones
died 15th August 1859
being on the anniversary of his birth day
Aged 79 years

1808-10-26 – Death of Valentine Jones. Source: Find-a-Grave memorial no. 146512509. (2017-07-05).

Gravestone inscription:
Here lies interred
Mrs Katherine Jones
Daughter of John + Mabella Moore
of Moorgrove
in the County of Antrim
and Wife of
Valentine Jones of Belfast
(Formerly of Barbados )
who in every Christian hope
and pious expectation
closed a mild and innocent life
on the twenty eighth of October
Aged seventy three years
Here also was interred the above named
Valentine Jones
who died on the twenty sixth of October
at Portpatrick
having recently completed his 79th year
If the fulfilment of the moral and religious
the relative and social duties of life
constitutes a good man
this was one
In memory of
John Moore Son of William and
Sarah Ann Moore of Ardmore
In the County of Antrim who departed
this life on the 27th day of February 1817
Aged 17 years. Also in memory of Margaret
Sister to the above named John Moore
who departed this life on the 12th day of January
1821 Aged 18 years
In hope
a blessed resurrection
Here lieth the body
Catherine Moore
Relict of
Rodger Moore Esq
who departed this life
27th November 1811
Aged 73 years
In life they were most united
and in death are not divided

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