Children of Samuel Carson Huggins and Mary Huggins

Samuel's wife was his first cousin, Mary Huggins, daughter of John Huggins (d.1795) and Jean Thompson, of Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo. Their first child, Nicholena—the name reminiscent of Samuel's mother—was born in about 1804. In all, Samuel and Mary had nine children, all of whom were baptised in the Presbyterian church at Dungannon, [1] except Nicholena:

  • Nicholena (c.1804–1874): (i) Recorded as "Miss Nicolena Huggins, Perry St.," in the Dungannon section of Slater's 1870 directory. [2]
    (ii) Died on the 13th February 1874, at Derryshort(?). [3]

  • Thomas (b.1808, d. bef.1813).

  • Matilda (b.1809) – no trace found after her name appears on a deed registered in December, 1863.

  • John (b.1811): (i) One "Mr. J. Huggins, Dungannon," attended the great Tenant Right demonstration in Dungannon in May 1848.
    (ii) The following death notice was published in the 29th October edition of The Armagh Guardian: "Died.—Suddenly, at Strabane, on Friday last, Mr. John Huggins, formerly of Dungannon." [4] There were two men named John in the Huggins family at this date: John (b.1811), son of Samuel Carson Huggins, and who was connected to Strabane in several deeds; and his uncle John (born c.1773), originally of Glenarb, later of Dungannon. Given the differences in their ages, it seems more likely that the death of the youmger would have been perceived as sudden. A burial record or gravestone has not been found for the elder John: he disappears from the written record after 1819.

  • Thomas (b.1813) – no trace found.

  • Jane Eliza (1815–1894): (i) In March 1876, a "Miss Huggins, Dungannon" collected £5 10s 6d in aid of the Ulster Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. (ii) Died on the 31st December 1894 at Dublin, at the home of her sister-in-law, Anne Eliza Huggins née Crozier. [5]

  • Mary (b.1818) – no trace found.

  • Laetitia (1820–1890): (i) In 1870, a "Miss Hoggins" became the immediate lessor of tenements nos. 31-35 on Barrack street, in Strabane—with the exception of the garden at the rere of no. 33, which remained in the hands of the representatives of the recently deceased Charles M'Colgan until his estate was wound up. A note in the margin of the Valuation Revision Book states, "No Val. See[?] when rebuilt 67." [6] Charles McColgan was party to a deed transacted with the Huggins siblings in 1863, though Laetitia's name was not included. [7] The name of "Miss Hoggins" remained in the Valuation Revision Books until 1897 when her nephew, Samuel Carson Huggins (1866–1933), became the immediate lessor. [8]
    (ii) A reference was made to "Miss Huggins's new houses, in Water-lane," in Strabane, in the 14th September 1870 edition of the Londonderry Standard newspaper, which contained a description of a chase made of certain parties under trial at the Strabane Petty Sessions, the parties having run past Miss Huggins' new houses. [9]
    (iii) Listings for Miss Huggins, of Strabane, donor to the Ulster Society for Promoting the Education of the Deaf and Dumb, and the Blind, appear in the Society's annual reports for 1884, 1885, & 1887. [10] 
    (iv) Died on the 19th March 1890, in the Main street, Strabane. [11] The informant of the death was Laetitia's niece, Mary Ann Huggins, whose identity remains a mystery.

  • Samuel Carson (1825–1865)


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