Children of Samuel Carson Huggins (1825-1865) and Anne Eliza Crozier

The children of Samuel Carson Huggins (1825–1865) and Anne Eliza Crozier (c.1825–1900) were:

  • Mary Matilda (1859–1922) – Died at no. 9, The Croft, Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales; buried 22nd February 1922 in St Mary's church yard, Tenby. [1,12]

  • Mariah Harriette (1860–1953): (i) When the 1901 census was enumerated, Harriette and her brother were living in Greystones, parish of Delgany, county Wicklow. [2] (ii) Died in Claro registration district, Yorkshire, England, in the first quarter ending 31 March 1953. [3]

  • William (1862–d. bef. 1863)

  • William (b.1863) – no trace found.

  • Annie Elizabeth (1865–1953): (i) Born in Dungannon, county Tyrone. [4] (ii) Found in the 1901 England Census, living at no. 53 Norfolk Square, Paddington, age 26, nurse in hospital. [5] (iii) Died 25th April 1953 in Claro registration district, Yorkshire, England. [6] (iv) Annie's residence was Flat 1, 10 Park road, Harrogate, Yorkshire, and Lynwood Nursing Home in Ripon. Her will was probated at York; administration was granted to Dorothy Evans, sole executrix. [7]

  • Samuel Carson (1866–1933): (i) Born in Castlehill, Dungannon, five months after his father's death. [8] (ii) Resident at no. 17, Prince Patrick Terrace, Dublin, in 1894. [9] (iii) Attended Harvard School of Dental Medicine; degree of D.M.D. conferred on the 26th June 1907. [10]
    (iv) Resident at 3 Portsdown road, Maida Vale, Paddington, when the 1911 census was enumerated in England; recorded as age 44, single, American Dentist (not in practice). [11] (v) Died 17 August 1933 at The Rookery, Park Ave., Withernsea, Yorkshire. [12] Administration of will was granted at Belfast to his sister, Annie Elizabeth Huggins. [13]

All of the children were baptised in First Dungannon Presbyterian Church. [13]

In 1901, Mary, Harriette, Anne Eliza, and Samuel contracted an indenture of mortgage with William Wynne Carruthers, of Palmerston Park, county Dublin, re: the premises known as Euston Terrace, on the Ranelagh Road. [14]

A very interesting advertisement was placed in the 1898 edition of The Journal of Education (Oxford University Press). Only the following snippet could be seen via Google Books preview (accessed 2016-01-05):

    Governess (candidate B.A. R.U.I.) desires Engagement.
  Has resided in France and Germany. Music.——Miss Huggins,
  Fintonia, Greystones, Co. Wicklow. ...

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Please note that this page is a work in progress, pending the compilation of other deeds and wills pertaining to another branch of the Huggins family—which capture some of the individuals listed above.


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If you have a family history connection to a Huggins family from the county of Tyrone—or if you have information to add to the biographical sketches presented here—please consider getting in touch via the contact page.

This page was published on the 7th January 2016, and edited subsequently on the 10th January 2016, for the certified copy of an entry of death for Samuel Carson Huggins (1866–1933).

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