Margaret Ferguson née Huggins, wife of David

Margaret Huggins was the daughter of John Huggins (died c.1741), of Glenarb townland, parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone. Very little is known about Margaret, other than:

  • In 1730, Margaret married David Ferguson, son of Andrew, of Farriter townland, parish of Killeeshil, in the county of Tyrone. [1]

  • An abstract of the will of Margaret's father suggests that the towns and lands of Kedie [Kedew, parish of Aghaloo] were bequeathed to David Ferguson. [2]

  • One of the witnesses to a Deed of Assignment, between John McWilliams of Carnteel and Isaac Glenny of county Down, was "David Ferguson, Keady." [3] ... Note: Keady and Kedie were alternate spellings for Kedew townland.

  • The eldest son, and heir, of David Ferguson and Margaret Huggins was John Ferguson. David appears to have died by 1777. [4]

At the time of writing (2015-12-03), traces of possible descendants are limited to the following:

  • The 1796 flax growers' list included James Ferguson, and James Ferguson, jun., both of the parish of Killeeshil. [5]
  • In 1798, there was a James Ferguson on a list compiled for the Stewart Estate in Killeeshil. Mr. Ferguson occupied 16 acres, 1 rood, and 5 perches on the estate. [6]
  • The surname, Ferguson, appears in the Householders' Index, under the Tithe Applotments (1829), but not under Griffith's Valuation (1860). [7]

Research of this branch of the Huggins family is a work-in-progress.


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This page was published on the 3rd December 2014, and edited subsequently on the 4th December 2015.

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