Huggins of Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone

This section of Arborealis presents biographical sketches and timelines for individuals descended from John Huggins (died c.1741) of Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone. See also the home page for the Huggins surname.

Please note that the outline, below, is a finding aid, but it is not a comprehensive family tree. Descendants whose names do not appear in this outline have been included, or are pending inclusion, in detailed family trees on Arborealis.

  1. John Huggins (died c.1741) of Glenarb
    1. Margaret Huggins m. (1730) David Ferguson, parish of Killeeshil
    2. John Huggins (d.1756) of Glenarb m. Lettice Kennedy
      1. John Huggins (c.1740–1795) of Glenarb
        m. Jean Thompson (d.1826) of Creevelough
        1. John Huggins (b.1773) of Dungannon
        2. James Huggins (1775–1860) of Glenarb
          1. Anne Jane Huggins (d.1893) & John Rodgers (d.1913)
          2. John Joseph Huggins (1816–1876) ‣ Toronto
            1. Samuel John Huggins (1864–1922)
            2. William Henry Huggins (1859–1889)
      2. James Huggins (c.1742–c.1785) ‣ Calcutta
        1. Kennedy Huggins (c.1778–1836) of Buchour, Tirhoot
      3. Thomas Huggins (1748–1778) ‣ Head of Elk, Maryland
        1. Samuel Carson Huggins (d.1850) ‣ Dungannon
          1. Samuel Carson Huggins (1825–1865) of Dungannon
      4. William Huggins (d.1802) of Coalisland m. Sarah Kennedy
        1. John Alexander Huggins (d.1858) ‣ Louisville, Kentucky
          1. William Shuter Huggins (d.1896) ‣ Halifax, N.S.
            1. Mary E. Gladman (d.1896) ‣ Suffolk, England
            2. George M. Huggins (d.1928) ‣ Los Angeles; wife, Florence, and children: Gladys, Mary, George, and Gertrude ‣ British Columbia
            3. Merled.1917 in the Halifax Explosion
            4. Margaret G. Lewis ‣ San Luis Obispo
            5. Ruth K. Putnam ‣ Maitland, N.S.
            6. Annie C. Thomas ‣ Tonyrefail, Wales
            7. William H. Huggins, K.C. (d.1928) of Ottawa
              1. Hugh Marshall Mackenzie Huggins
            8. John Alexander Huggins (d.1916) of Halifax
              1. John Alex. Huggins (d.1977) of Halifax
            9. Charles Edward Huggins (d.1912) of Halifax
              1. Charles B. Huggins, M.D. (d.1997)
                1. Charles E. Huggins, M.D. (d.1990)
              2. Victor S. Huggins, M.D. (d.1982)
        2. Margaret McCormick née Huggins (b.1795) of Cookstown
        3. William Huggins, M.D. (1797–1868)  Louisville, Ky.
        4. James Huggins (d.1863)  Versailles, Kentucky
          1. Louis H. Huggins (d.1918) of St. Joseph, Missouri
          2. William Huggins (d.1920) of St. Joseph, Missouri
          3. African American Huggins of Woodford County
          4. Sanford Huggins of Woodford Co. and Louisville
             genealogical notes; family in historical context
        5. Thomas C. Huggins (d.1858)  Lexington, Kentucky
          m.(1) Margaret Crowe (c.1798–1833), and (2) Catharine Pilkington née Crowe (c.1790–1849)genealogical notes for the Crowe family of Clones, county Monaghan
          1. William H. Huggins (d.1860) of Nicholasville, Ky.
            1. Alexander Wake Huggins (d.1910), printer
          2. Matilda Winn née Huggins (d.1863) of Winnfield, Ky.
            1. Dr. Charles Ware Winn (d.1893) of Nashville
            2. Thomas Huggins Winn (d.1937) of Lake Arthur
            3. Matt Winn (d.1928), Mayor of Midway, Ky.
      5. Elizabeth Huggins m. Robert Read

* … with more pages pending.
 included for historical importance; biological relationship is possible but
   remains unconfirmed.

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