Ferguson of Farriter, parish of Killeeshil

This section of Arborealis presents biographical sketches and timelines for the Ferguson family of Farriter in the parish of Killeeshil, county Tyrone. These Fergusons were related to Huggins of Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo.

  • 1730-10-02: Memorial no. 109-245-75752 – a deed of conveyance, or marriage article, executed by John Huggins of Glenarb and Andrew Ferguson of Farriter and his son, David, in anticipation of David's marriage with Mr. Huggins' daughter, Margaret (which marriage was solemnized sometime before the date of the deed). Andrew Ferguson agreed to convey as a marriage portion to his son half the townland of Farriter in the parish of Killeeshil, for which David would pay £6 rent per annum. John Huggins agreed to pay £150 to David Ferguson as a marriage portion. [1]
    • Discussion – This townland was often referred to as Tarrator or Taratar.
  • 1741-04-07: Memorial no. 106-283-73771 – As one of the legatees in the last will and testament of his father in law, John Huggins (d.1741), this Memorial affirmed Mr. Huggins' bequest to David Ferguson of part of the townland of Kedew in the parish of Aghaloo. [2]
  • 1747-10-05: Memorial no. 129-230-86876 – an indented deed whereby Andrew Ferguson—for and in consideration of his paternal affection to his son, John, as also the payment of five shillings—Andrew conveyed to John the right and title to the leasehold in one-half of Farriter townland, subject to the yearly rent of £6. During the remainder of his father's natural life, John was required to remit and addition £4 per annum to Andrew. [3]
    • Andrew Ferguson had held this townland since the 30th Sept. 1729, when John Nesbitt had assigned the leasehold to him.
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Registry of Deeds, Ireland. Memorial no. 106-283-73771: John Huggins, his Will (dated 7 April 1741, reg'rd 23 April 1742). Transcript from copy on FHL microfilm no. 522822; transcribed and submitted to www.irishdeedsindex.net (2016-07-12).


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