Memorials of Irish Deeds

The scope of this record set includes a survey of memorials executed (i.e., transacted) for the following parishes in the barony of Dungannon and county of Tyrone:

Surname Indexes:

These indexes capture the names of the contracting and other significant parties recited in the memorials:

—A—   —B—   —C—   —D—   —E—   —F—   —G—   —H—   —I—   —J—   —K—   —L—   —Mc—   —M—   —N—   —O—    —P—   —Q—   —R—   —S—   —T—   —U—   —V—   —W—   —X—   —Y—   —Z—

Compilation of indexes for other names including those cited in leasehold terms for lives, occupiers, and witnesses are in progress.

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